Fabri Fibra, singer: biography and curiosity

Fabri Fibra, singer: biography and curiosity

Fabri Fibra is one of the most renowned and appreciated rappers within the Italian music scene, here is some information related to his life and success

Fabri Fibra is the pseudonym of Fabrizio Tarducci. This famous Italian rapper was born in Senigallia in 1976. Already as a child, Fabrizio discovers his strong passion for music so much that he recorded his first song at the age of 17 only. His main talent in the artistic field is precisely that of being able to vary the tonalities of the voice. This is a feature that stands out particularly on the album "Mr. Sympathy ”or in freestyle songs. Fabri Fibra is one of the rappers of the moment and his first approach to music took place in 1995, following the recording of his first demo. Later he collaborated with the DJ Lato, with whom he made new songs. Later, MC Shezan Il Ragio also joined and the group decided to call themselves "Keepers of Time". Fabri Fibra has always been considered a young maladjusted because of his difficult childhood. It is possible, in fact, to warn of the grudge that the rapper expresses in many of his songs. Not only that, his rather abrupt behaviors also stand out. However, the singer has always defined himself as a normal character who loves to express himself and deal with important themes through music to highlight the various aspects of life.

Fabri Fibra, in fact, loves to create real characters through which to express all his thoughts in the songs in total freedom. Her childhood was marked by a rather difficult period, which is the divorce of her parents during middle school. Despite this, Fabri Fibra continued his studies until high school which he finished with the lowest marks. After that, he occasionally did various types of chores. After having recorded the disc “Mr. Simpatia ”and having obtained a contract to enter the majors, Fabri goes to live in an apartment in Milan together with two other roommates. The rapper openly mentioned in an interview from this period of his life, where he never confided his musical expectations to anyone for fear of being considered deluded. However, the singer has never stopped chasing his goals and has always continued to write rhymes. As for his love life, there is not much information, as he claimed not to love gossip. Furthermore, from many of his passages it is possible to capture further curiosities relating to his childhood. Even if there is no confirmation on this, it seems that Fabri Fibra as a child is almost drowned. It is possible to deduce it from some sentences that characterize its texts. After obtaining the first success, the rapper begins to perform through live concerts throughout Italy and begins to collaborate on various albums of numerous Italian artists such as "In Teoria" by Sottotono.

This is how Fabri Fibra slowly reaches the pinnacle of success in the rap scene. But not only that, the singer has also gained notoriety thanks to his freestyle shows. Later the singer recorded his first solo album, "Turbe Giovanili". The music and rhymes of this masterpiece were reproduced by Neffa. The following year "Lato & Fabri Fibra" was published. In particular, the album "Turbe Giovanili" has not gone unnoticed as far as its contents are concerned. The songs, in fact, refer to the difficulties of modern society, where people find it more difficult to establish a relationship and socialize with each other. Specifically, the album was produced entirely by singer Neffa. "Mr. Simpatia "instead, was released in 2004 and is the second solo album by Fabri Fibra. It is composed of 18 songs sung by the rapper. Not to go unnoticed was also the irony of the cover image which portrays the singer who shot himself with a headshot on the computer of his studio. It is therefore a real sarcastic image that wants to highlight all the difficulties that must be faced in the course of life.

In addition, the album highlights the various decisions that must be faced, emphasizing all the grudge and bitterness for the rap scene, which also reveals a disappointment towards society. There is no shortage of references to love stories and the working situation. The lyrics are therefore rather heavy and driven, since Fabri Fibra has never pulled back and has always wanted to express all his resentment and anger towards today's difficulties, just like the rappers equally appreciated Fedez and J-Ax . Despite this, it was precisely this aspect that made his albums perfect masterpieces. For example, some songs like "Niente male" are characterized by rather heavy and bad sentences and this has always intrigued a large part of the Italian public. The singer also claimed to be using drugs and some of his songs also express a hint of homophobia. All these aspects continue to give rise to numerous debates on this famous rapper.

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