Fabrizio Corona in prison, Silvia Provvedi speaks for the first time after arrest

Fabrizio Corona in prison, Silvia Provvedi speaks for the first time after arrest

The brunette of the duo Le Donatella, girlfriend of the ex paparazzo, tells the dramatic moments before the arrest and his life in prison: "He will never give up"

Fabrizio Corona, from sweet life to prison

Silvia Provvedi, Fabrizio Corona's fiancée, speaks for the first time after the arrest of the ex paparazzi king, framed by Geraldine Darù. The brunette from the duo Le Donatella tells her truth exclusively to Chi, and accuses those who attack the former photographer of envy:

Fabrizio is not a criminal and I am not an idiot. If my man really was as they tell it, I wouldn't be here. He will be able to defend himself from legal affairs with his lawyers. I can talk about the human story and it's a dirty story. All those people who go on TV to accuse Fabrizio, who is unable to defend himself because he is in prison, do it because they dreamed of imitating him, of being like him. They drooled to be with Fabrizio, to drive his car, to go out and work with him and for him. But everyone will take on his responsibilities.

Silvia tried to keep Corona away from bad company. In the four months during which he had been entrusted to social services, the two had led a monastic life returning home early in the evening. She had tried to free him from the negative influences of some people who idolized Corona. Provvedi has decided to sacrifice herself for him because she loves him and wants to save him:

I am giving up on my life and I do it because I believe in Fabrizio and I defend it. Although I know that the time of freedom for him is going away. I hope for a miracle, I hope for the law. Fabrizio, however, must know that he is not alone. And that his friends aren't the ones who sold themselves to cameras for five minutes of popularity. His real, clean friends are out there. And together with me, her son and mother have good foundations to start over.

Then she tells how Fabrizio lives in prison by sharing the cell with Valeria Marini's ex-husband, Giovanni Cottone:

Fabrizio does not give up, he will never give up. Reads, studies and writes. Certainly the situation is not easy and he is not a superman. What should he do? Take your own life? No, fight. He even managed to snatch a smile from me when he revealed that Valeria Marini's ex-husband, Giovanni Cottone (in prison in San Vittore in the same arm as Corona, in his cell) in his cell every Monday evening wants to watch "Big Brother Vip" to see his ex …

Provvedi then described the moments before the arrest of the former paparazzo (to whom over one million euros were seized hidden in the false ceiling of a building), dramatic moments that he will not be able to forget. Remember they were in the gym and he felt bad:

He asks me to go to the pharmacy. I go. After a while he reaches me. He is white in the face and says a few words: 'Love, they are arresting me, you must be strong. I have to deliver myself in exactly two hours "

Hours that he wanted to spend with his son Carlos, had by Nina Moric (here are all the women of Corona):

Then he went to his mother's house because he wanted to be sure he could talk to his son Carlos. He has spent the last few minutes embracing him, a scene I will never forget.

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