Face base: the 5 mistakes to avoid for a perfect complexion

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Who said that making a perfect face base is easy? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid for a selfie-proof complexion

Making a natural face base is not as simple as it seems and there are several mistakes that can be made. We have identified 5 that can compromise all the success of the makeup, even with a nice eye and lip makeup. Between preparation of the skin, foundation, contouring, texture and choice of various products and incorrect use of brushes, by following these tips your complexion will be fresh, radiant and selfie-proof!

  • Do not apply the cream before starting the makeup

  • The first step for a successful face base is the preparation of the skin. The face must be clean and clean but, above all, hydrated. Choosing the right face cream is essential, because a hydrated skin will make the products flow better, especially concealer and foundation, be it powder or cream. Whether you have combination, oily or dry skin, under your make-up it is good to choose a moisturizing but light product, which does not contain too many fatty substances that could reappear over the hours, ruining the coverage of the foundation. Choose a well-balanced face cream, such as Mediterranea Cosmetics' Everyday, which combines nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients, first of all hyaluronic acid, ideal for radiant, plumped and elasticized skin.

  • Apply a foundation that is too dark or too light for your skin color

  • The choice of foundation is also important, especially the shade. The first step to take is to try the product between the jaw and the neck, to verify that the color is as similar as possible to that of the face, so as not to create a detachment. To avoid a foundation that is too orange and darker with the intention of looking more tanned, because the effect would be too artificial. For a too light foundation, however, it can be remedied by applying a bronzer all over the face to warm the complexion and darken it slightly. The choice of undertone also plays a key role: on a cold skin tone a foundation that is too hot will turn out yellow, on a warm complexion a foundation that is too cold will turn out too pink.

    As for the application, if you want to create a quick face base, it is better to prefer compact products, such as Protect Compact Foundation by Mediterranea Cosmetics. Application with a sponge allows you not to get your hands dirty and to better balance the amount of foundation. In addition, it is perfect to take with you for quick touch-ups, thanks to the built-in mirror, so you can mattify shiny areas or refresh the face base at any time.

  • Sculpt the volumes of the face with a too hot earth

  • After applying the foundation, to sculpt your face it's time to bronzers and contouring lands. The most common mistake is to balance the volumes of the face with a too hot earth, for a decidedly unnatural effect. To raise the cheekbones, contour the oval of the face or stretch the nose it is good to use a cold earth or, at most neutral and very little hot. Instead, bronzers are often used, orange and warm, which instead should be used to warm the complexion, applying a veil or placing them where you usually get the sun first, for a natural effect.

    The ideal, both for beginners and for those who prefer to have few products in their beauty, is to choose a product that contains more shades inside. Bronzer Terra 4 Stagioni by Mediterranea Cosmetics contains 4 shades of color, to adapt to more complexions and to create a perfect contouring. Also useful in any period of the year, thanks to the different intensities that allow use both in summer and in winter. Mix the powders or use them individually, even as an eye palette in shades of brown, for a quick, fresh and natural look.

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  • Apply cream products after powder products

  • It is true that there are no big rules in makeup and that, in most cases, they can be twisted at will to have fun and experiment. But, in the case of the order in which to apply the products, there is one that should almost always be respected: first the cream products are applied and then the powder ones. This is because cream products are heated on the face, blending with the complexion and, those in powder, dry and fix the product. To do the opposite would be equivalent to creating spots, because the cream product would not flow smoothly on the skin, making the face base difficult to make and blend properly. Even in the case of cream products, however, it is always better to dab first with a thin layer of powder and then move on to applying bronzer, blush and bronzer powder.

  • Do not wash the brushes and use them dirty

  • Raise your hand if you wash your brushes every time you put on your makeup. Very few, perhaps almost none, perform a gesture as simple (and boring, you know) as important: washing brushes often. In fact, for the excellent result of a makeup it is essential to clean the brushes, especially those for the face base, especially in the case of cream products. These, in fact, cling to the bristles of the brush and accumulate over time. Every time you reapply new foundation with a dirty brush, you inevitably drag dry residues from previous applications onto your face. In addition to affecting the final result of the make-up, it is also, and above all, a question of hygiene. Dirty brushes are a receptacle for germs and bacteria, increasing the formation of pimples, blackheads and other skin problems.

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