Face-body cream with Bach flowers: the do-it-yourself recipe


Here’s how to prepare a face-body cream with Bach flowerswhich help the skin to regain its balance.

The ingredients

30 ml of calendula oil
30 ml of glycerin
60 g of shea butter
A Bach flower of your choice (see below)

How to prepare it

With calendula oil melt in a bain-marie shea butter. Remove from the heat, add the glycerin and 4 drops of Bach Flower, mix and pour into a sterile jar. Store it in the refrigerator for 6-7 days at the most. Use the cream on your face and body.

Know the ingredients

«Bach flowers are used to unblock emotional discomfort, but inserted in creams they act as neuro cosmetics, stimulating the skin’s ability to renew itself. You choose Olives to set the tone, Crab Apple to illuminate, Holly to oxygenate and rekindle the complexion, Walnut if you are entering menopause and want to make your skin stronger. Shea butter is an excellent base thanks to its soft texture and richness in emollient, nourishing, soothing and anti-aging substances, such as vitamins A, D and F, and unsaturated fatty acids, oleic and palmitoleic. Calendula contains triterpenes, carotenes and flavonoids, which promote re-epithelialization and accelerate cell turnover, glycerin is a humectant and moisturizer», says dermatologist and allergist Carlo Di Stanislao.