Face mask brushes and how to apply it correctly

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Discover the best brushes for face mask and how to apply it correctly for a treatment at home as in the beauty center

The face mask brushes are ideal for recreating that application gestures as in the beauty center. Taking time for yourself and taking care of your face and body is a gesture of love for yourself, a moment of relaxation that you can also perform at home whenever you feel the need. So here are the best face mask brushes and how to apply it correctly, for not only aesthetic benefits for the skin, but also for the spirit.


  • How to choose the best brushes to spread the face mask
    • The classic, flat cat’s tongue face mask brush
    • The silicone brush for face mask
    • Best Amazon Face Mask Brush according to the web
    • Douglas’s face mask brush doubles up
  • How to apply the face mask correctly
  • Let’s not forget the peelings with a dedicated brush

How to choose the best brushes to spread the face mask

There are mainly two categories of face mask brushes: the classic cat tongue brushes and the silicone face mask brushes. There are substantial differences especially as regards the material and the type of drafting that is obtained, in fact for some types of face masks it is better to use one or the other.

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The classic, flat cat’s tongue face mask brush

The most classic and easy to find face mask brush is the flat cat’s tongue brush, which is usually used to spread the foundation. On the market there are several and many prices, the important thing is to choose those in synthetic fiber and not natural bristles. A natural bristle brush, in fact, absorbs more product and is not ideal for creams, also because if not rinsed correctly it risks creating mold, germs and bacteria in large quantities.

The flat cat’s tongue brush is ideal for more liquid to creamy masks, just like foundation textures. Having compact bristles and not in large quantities, in fact, it does not retain much product which is therefore almost completely spread on the skin of the face. For denser masks, on the other hand, application could be more difficult, because the product would tend to get stuck between the bristles and not spread on the face in a homogeneous way, risking that parts of the mask fall off and thus go wasted.

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The silicone brush for face mask

The silicone face mask brush is a real dedicated brush for applying these. It is made of silicone, so it does not have bristles but a single and compact surface, even if it can have different shapes. Some have a section cut diagonally, others the shape of a small spatula, and still others the same shape of a flat cat’s tongue brush. This type of brush is perfect for spreading very dense and full-bodied masks, because you can work them without the product getting stuck between the bristles, but rather it spreads and shapes itself on the face thanks to the flat part of the brush.

Instead, it is better not to use it with masks that are too liquid because they would tend to slip or fall from the brush, which is not the case with those with bristles that absorb and retain the product. Another point in favor of silicone face mask brushes is that they are very easy to clean and wash: just rinse them under water with a little mild soap and after a few minutes they will already be dry or you can dry them with a cloth and reuse them immediately. .

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Best Amazon Face Mask Brush according to the web

If we talk about Amazon face mask brush, the best according to the web is undoubtedly the Opiqcey set of two face brushes. In fact, these brushes have more than 57,000 reviews and 4.6 stars out of 5. They are two silicone face mask brushes with a classic spatula shape, but turning on Amazon you can find so many, even in combination or in set with a lot of band to hold the hair back. You just have to throw an eye and choose the most voted or the one that’s right for you.

silicone face mask brush

Opiqcey, silicone face mask brushes set 2 pieces. Price: € 6.59 on Amazon.it

Douglas’s face mask brush doubles up

The Douglas face mask brush that we recommend, on the other hand, combines both types of brushes that we have seen in a single product. On the one hand the silicone face mask brush, on the other the more classic flat cat’s tongue. The double-ended Revolution Skincare mask brush, however, has a really attractive price: € 6.99, often discounted. So with a single brush you can apply any type of face mask, both with a liquid, creamy and denser texture.

double tip face mask brush

Revolution Skincare, Double Tip Mask Brush. Price: € 6.99 (often discounted) on Duoglas.it

How to apply the face mask correctly

Once you have chosen the brush, it is time to understand how to apply the face mask correctly. First of all, it is important to cleanse the skin of any impurities, dirt and makeup residues. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin and then a facial toner. If you want to reproduce the effect of the beauty center, before applying the mask place a warm cloth on your face to open the pores or keep your face for a few minutes on a pot of hot water to take advantage of the heat of the steam, but be careful not to burn yourself. and that it is not too hot.

girl applies man face mask

At this point, apply the mask you have chosen or the do-it-yourself face mask to make at home, with the most appropriate brush. Apply most of the product to the T-zone and then the remainder to the contour of the face. Before applying it, take the right amount of mask with a spatula and place it on the back of your hand, so you don’t have to immerse the brush every time that will come into contact with the skin, avoiding contaminating the face mask. Once applied, leave it on for the indicated time, then remove it with a microfibre cloth and warm water.

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Let’s not forget the peelings with a dedicated brush

Another face mask brush to mention is the one you need to apply face peels. They are often very liquid products, to be spread in a very thin layer so as not to irritate the skin and it is better not to use your fingers for this reason. Once you have chosen your peeling, use the Sephora fan-shaped face mask brush n. 65. It is ideal because it is flat, thin, with the bristles distributed in width and not to create thickness. In this way it will be easy to apply the right amount of peeling, but once washed and dried you can also use this brush to remove excess powder from under the eyes, the fall-out of eyeshadows or apply a veil of highlighter.

illuminating peeling fan brush

Sephora Collection, Fan Brush N.65. Price: € 22.99 on Sephora.it

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