Face masks: the top 5 for winter for every type of skin

Face masks: the top 5 for winter for every type of skin

Dry, mixed, oily: there are many different types of leather and many products on the market. Which ones to choose? Discover the masks best suited to you!

You know, the cold and the constant temperature changes we are subjected to in winter do not help our skin, as well as poor nutrition, smog and daily stress …
Our skin between dehydration, dryness, pimples and blackheads does not seem to recover and more and more often we need to resort to some extra cuddles for our routine skincare.

The face masks, in fact, come to our aid to rebalance the state of the epidermis, giving us a moment of well-being DIY, at home, lasting about 15 – 20 minutes. But for the lazy ones or for the hurried career women, there are also flash remedies to take care of ourselves without giving up!

So here is my TOP 5 of face masks to use in winter depending on our skin type, to be applied even in different areas of the face to go to act on specific problems or that I like to alternate to respond to the various needs of my skin!

Beonme – Purifying Face Mask

With its innovative lipogel texture, a transparent gel that turns into milk in contact with water, Beonme revolutionizes the world of purifying masks by not including clay, perhaps the most widely used in treatments of this type. The clay, especially the green, has a very powerful but at the same time very desiccating purifying power for the skin, which always seems to pull. Here, the purifying mask of Beonme, to overcome this problem, has created a mix of two algae, the brown algae Fucucs Spiralis and the green alga Tetraselmis Chuii which, combined with sage hydrolate, purify, reduce the production of sebum and dull the complexion, but without drying out the skin but nourishing it thanks to sunflower oil.

I always use it after a hot bath or after doing vapors on my face, even in the morning to eliminate clarity and compact the skin before makeup!

Beonme Purifying Mask – Source: Press Office

Origins – Drink Up 10-minute hydrating mask – Instant moisturizing

For those who do not have much time (or desire) to devote to skin care but feel the need for a more intensive treatment than the usual facial cream that applies morning and evening, Origins has reformulated one of his most beloved masks, the 10-minute hydrating mask, a mask that works in just 10 minutes and helps restore proper hydration to the skin with a long-lasting release to release it over the course of 24 hours. In addition to the Advanced Hydration Technology based on water from the Swiss glacier and hyaluronic acid, it has an excellent anti-aging action thanks to the vitamins A and E contained in the apricot kernel oil.

I apply it after having warmed the product well in my hands and I leave it on for only 10 minutes, and it's like giving a super big glass to my skin!

Origins Drink Up – Source: Press Office

Face D – Anti-wrinkle face and neck mask

Face D, the Italian cosmeceutical brand, has always paid attention to skin hydration and anti-age treatments, using hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights, in order to make it penetrate as deeply as possible. Thanks to the 3-Luronics technology every product of the brand (you can't miss their illuminating concealer, with green pigment that neutralizes the dark color of the eye!) Goes to act both on the superficial layer of the epidermis, for an instant and visible cosmetic effect from the first application, but at the same time it also acts in the long term, stimulating hydration in the intermediate layer and then reaching the depth and favoring the natural production of collagen.

The anti-wrinkle fabric mask also has a complex of compatible bio acids (lactic, mandelic and cogic acid) for skin renewal, reducing the visibility of wrinkles in just 20 minutes and does not contain silicones, parebens and alcohol. Seeing is believing!

Before applying it, for an even more plumping effect and stimulating blood circulation, I put it back in the fridge for a few hours, and when I apply it I immediately feel the most toned and energized skin.

FaceD anti-wrinkle mask – Source: Sephora.it

Dr. Jart + – Shake & Shot Soothing rubber mask

A rubber mask (literally, it is also fun to prepare!) In the package of a smoothie, which is prepared by mixing various preparations, are the Shake & Shot by Dr.Jart + and this, specifically, has a calming and soothing action for sensitive, stressed or reddened skin.

Calms and repairs the skin aggravated by external agents thanks to vitamin K3, it has a protective and regenerating effect thanks to the Guava leaf extract while the real aole has a refreshing action and gives relief to the most stressed skins.
It is prepared at the time of need by mixing the two sachets inside the container, closes with the lid and shakes well. It should be applied immediately because once on the face it dries out creating a soft peel off mask that, after the shutter speed is over, is easily removed, for a really repaired and regenerated skin. It's perfect for a skincare evening with friends and super instagrammabile!

Dr.Jart + Shake & Shot Mask – Source: Sephora.it

Herborist – Color Control CC Mask – color-enhancing mask

A mask with a retro flavor, contained in a glass jar, whose "recipe" comes from the oldest oriental beauty remedies and it is known, the best trends in skincare come from Asia.
The Herborist Color Control CC Mask is suitable for dull skin, graying from the smog of the winter months, which needs to regain brightness and brighten up the complexion, apply to the face and leave on for at least ten minutes.
The natural active ingredients contained inside, the hyacinth orchid, the white peony root and five other precious plants moisturize the skin, soften it, illuminate the complexion and have a uniforming effect on the complexion, furthermore the pearl powder rich in Amino acids help stimulate cell renewal.

It is a mask that I like to use even several times a week because it is very delicate, a real cuddle!

Herborist mask Color Control – Source: Sephora.it

Have you already tried these face masks? What is your favorite?

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