Facial fitness: the novelty of Clinique Sculptwear

Facial fitness: the novelty of Clinique Sculptwear

Clinique signed face fitness arrives in Milan: a program of exercises to tone your face

One of the great innovations that this 2016 is giving us is the fitness for the face: it is Clinique Sculptwear, a beautiful initiative by Clinique, presented at the Hard Candy Fitness in Milan, a famous club located in Piazza della Repubblica. The brand was founded by Madonna, who loves to keep fit by practicing particular training programs daily in this line of gyms; the club's name derives from one of his last music albums.
To present the initiative to the interested public, a special masterclass was organized by the fitness instructors of the Hard Candy Fitness: a 20-minute high-intensity face fitness workout.

The Clinique Sculptwear provides three important steps to tone body and face at the same time: to loosen tension and stiffness, a first phase of quiet pilates; then of the healthy pump, to better tone the muscles; finally of the energetic cardio, to stimulate the blood circulation and to give a blow of life to our body.
After this session of gymnastics, a real regenerating facial massage is provided: the fitness for the face therefore culminates with the application on the skin of the face of the Clinique Sonic System Massage Treatment Applicator to give brightness and radiance with pleasant and small circular movements.

The protagonists of Clinique Sculptwear are – in addition to the fitball and the classic step – the Sculptwear Contouring Massage mask and the Sculptwear Lift and Contour serum, two very precious allies to make the skin of face, neck and décolleté rediscover tone and firmness, hydrating it and at the same time stretching out wrinkles.
These two products, applied by the expert hands of the Clinique experts, allow you to awaken the skin's energy through three fundamental actions: firming, deep hydration and an incredible lifting effect.
If you think about it, it's just the same effects that you get when you go to the gym all the time, and that the tireless Madonna tries to train every day in the gym, to give her buttocks, abdominals and legs an always young and toned look, to not allow at the age of leaving its indelible marks.

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