Facial gymnastics: what it is, benefits and exercises

Facial gymnastics: what it is, benefits and exercises

How facial gymnastics works, what are the benefits and how to do these 3 simple exercises that help the face and neck


  • How facial gymnastics works and the benefits
  • 3 specific exercises
    • Clean and soft forehead
    • Strong and beautiful lip muscles
    • Muscle tone of the neck

How facial gymnastics works and the benefits

Facial gymnastics has very ancient origins and we remember that all over the face there are many meridians, many energy lines. Also in Ayurvedic massage of Indian origin there are specific practices for the head and face. In the West in the twentieth century, the surgeon Reinhold Benz invented a system of exercises that fell into the category of "face-building". Together with massage and self-massage, facial gymnastics exercises are a wonderful solution to feel your body always toned and active, well supplied with blood and therefore oxygen. Facial gymnastics is sometimes called face yoga when, together with the positions, “grimaces” are practiced that stimulate and involve all the facial muscles.

The exercises require you to pronounce vowels or move your mouth and forehead in certain ways. It is a series of techniques that put us in contact with the feeling and with the body. The face becomes harmonious, the cells are reactivated and their structure improves, the cheeks are toned and the features become beautiful. Facial gymnastics helps reduce the furrow between the eyebrows and stretch the features of the upper part of the face, as well as improve the lips and neck. All facial gymnastics exercises must be performed while maintaining long, deep, soft and harmonious breathing. It is a very natural way recommended to reduce expression lines, limit signs of fatigue and feel full and soft cheeks. What is important is consistency: these exercises should be practiced regularly even with only 2 or 3 sessions per week of at least 20 minutes perhaps also accompanied by a self-massage in which a moisturizer is used.

3 specific exercises

Let's see together 3 specific exercises that help improve the state of the tissues of the forehead, labial muscles and neck:

Clean and soft forehead

This exercise promotes the tension of the part between the eyebrow arches and goes to release and activate, tone, preventing the formation of expression lines. You start to caress the point between the two eyebrows, giving a lot of relaxation to the whole nervous system. It should be performed with the cervical spine aligned and the muscles of the forehead contract, trying to mobilize the muscles of the scalp as well, as if one wanted to pull the ears backwards. The whole area of ​​the neck and shoulders should remain relaxed and you should work with your hands at the end of the execution, going to relax the entire forehead by tapping it with the fingertips in a very delicate way. Then place the hands in the shape of a fist in the center of the forehead and pass the knuckles in opposite directions, as if wanting to extend it on both sides.

Strong and beautiful lip muscles

The nasolabial muscles contribute a lot to the beauty of our face and we can tone them with this simple exercise. This exercise represents a real self-lifting that tones and firms. It improves sagging cheeks and enhances the lips, with which we kiss, talk, express ourselves. In the first phase of the exercise, the UAU vowels are pronounced, taking care to bring the chin upwards in the final U. It is repeated for at least 12 times and then massages the area around the lips with the knuckles. In the second part of the exercise the UAI vowels are pronounced, pulling the neck muscles well in the final I. This too must be repeated 12 times and then the whole area is tapped with the fingertips. Exercise has the power to immediately mobilize the entire area of ​​the lips and you will feel a great relief and a sense of blood circulation, therefore a great release of heat.

Muscle tone of the neck

The neck muscles should be strengthened to maintain good muscle tone and also be able to wear low-cut clothes and be able to show off a very important part of the body. It is very important to consider that the neck hosts a series of very important lymphatic stations and glands. Massaging it and doing gymnastic exercises allows us to avoid lines, marks and keep all internal structures healthy. This simple isometric exercise can also be done lying down / and with your stomach upwards. The legs are stretched and joined and you go to press the head on the pillow, and then rest after maintaining the contraction for at least 6 seconds.

Do the same by pressing on the side, after turning on your side, and then doing it on the other side as well. Finally, the same thing turning on your stomach, press your forehead down against the pillow (being careful not to hurt your nose). These pressures allow you to keep your neck healthy, especially if accompanied, once standing, by small movements such as rotations, forward bending or backward extensions, supported by excellent breathing.

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