Facial massage with pickled cucumber. What doctors say about the TikTok hit

Facial massage with pickled cucumber.  What doctors say about the TikTok hit

A new trend in facial care is gaining popularity on the Internet, causing surprise and curiosity at the same time. We’re talking about a facial massage using pickled cucumber, which is gaining more and more supporters on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Does this unusual method really work?

Facial massage with pickled cucumber.  What doctors say about the TikTok hit

Pickled vegetables are known for their numerous health properties. Rich in probiotic bacteria, vitamins and minerals, they not only support the functioning of the digestive system, but can also have a beneficial effect on the condition of our skin, hair and nails. Still, the idea of ​​using pickled cucumber for a facial massage may seem surprising to many people.

Pickled cucumbers – a treasure trove of health and beauty

Pickled cucumbers contain natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals. In addition, they are rich in Lactobacillus – a probiotic that can strengthen the skin barrier and protect against harmful bacteria.

Dermatologist about facial massage with pickled cucumber. No scientific evidence, but…

Although it seems unconventional, Christine Ko, a dermatology expert and professor at Yale University, points out the potential benefits of using pickled vegetables in skin care. Silage contains various forms of acids, including lactic acid.

This acid has an exfoliating effect, removing dead skin cells, which helps to smooth and brighten the skin. “Products containing lactic acid, beta-hydroxy acid or alpha-hydroxy acid may be beneficial in the treatment of acne, so theoretically, using pickled cucumber may make sense,” argues the dermatologist.

However, excessive amounts of acids can damage the skin, cause redness and make it more susceptible to inflammation. Excess lactic acid, which is present in pickled cucumbers, can lead to skin irritation and inflammation. In extreme cases, high concentrations of acids can even cause skin burns.

Grandma’s traditional care methods

There are numerous facial care cosmetics available on the market that contain plant ingredients. Creams, balms, masks and oils are based mainly on butters, oils and extracts from various plants, which are known for their beneficial properties for the skin.

It is also worth remembering that care methods derived from nature have a long tradition. Masks made of overcooked oatmeal, apple or yeast were already used by our grandmothers. And who among us doesn’t remember a home remedy for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes using fresh cucumber slices?

Facial massage with pickled cucumber is certainly an interesting alternative to traditional care methods. However, as with any new trend, it is worth approaching it with moderation and paying attention to the reaction of your own skin. Before we decide to experiment, it is also worth consulting a dermatologist who will help us assess whether a given method will be safe and effective for us. After all, taking care of your beauty is not only a matter of trends, but above all, health and well-being.