Facing the Invalsi 2022 tests of Mathematics, Italian and English

Facing the Invalsi 2022 tests of Mathematics, Italian and English

The Invalsi Tests of Mathematics, Italian and English will return to take place for all school levels: how do you prepare for the best?

The Invalsi tests of Mathematics, Italian and English will return to take place for all school orders in 2022, after the stop due to the health crisis. How to best prepare?

In the school year 2020-2021 the Invalsi tests had been suspended for the Second Grade classes of the Second Grade Secondary School. This year, however, they will return to take place for all classes: second and fifth class of primary school, third class of first grade secondary school, second and fifth class of second grade secondary school.

The objective of the Invalsi tests is to assess and measure, at a national level, the degree of learning of the fundamental skills for the basic disciplines, namely Mathematics, Italian and English.

The topics evaluated by the Invalsi Trials

The Invalsi tests, administered to all students of the classes involved, test different areas of the mathematics, Italian and English disciplines.

As for mathematics, students are asked to answer questions concerning the sphere of numbers, data and predictions, relations and functions, space and figures.
For the national test of Italian, on the other hand, boys and girls will have to compete with the understanding of the text, the use of the language and lexical skills.
Finally, the English test includes a comprehension of the text (reading) and an oral comprehension (listening).

The procedures for carrying out the Invalsi Tests

Students of the Primary School will be given the paper file of the Invalsi tests. For the First and Second Grade Secondary School, on the other hand, the tests will be Computer-based and therefore carried out on a computer. The questions can be formulated in different ways, such as multiple choice or open and completion questions.

The digital teaching platform redooc.com offers free refresher lessons for the Invalsi Tests of Mathematics, Italian and English, which allow students to prepare for the National Test by answering the questions of the previous years’ tests.

The numerous interactive exercises (over 85,000) in the form of multiple answers and True / False on the platform help students who use redooc.com in daily teaching to develop reasoning and problem solving skills, arriving prepared for the Invalsi tests. Furthermore, all the exercises and preparation materials for the Invalsi tests are highly accessible: students can in fact choose the reading font and can use the Text to Speech (also available for mathematics content).

“Thanks to Redooc, last year’s 3rd class achieved excellent results in the Invalsi Italian and Mathematics tests”, this is the testimony of a teacher.

The redooc preparation lessons for Invalsi are free and available for the Primary School (mathematics, Italian, English), the First Grade Secondary School (mathematics, Italian, English) and the Second Grade Secondary School (mathematics, Italian, English) .

The Invalsi test for students with SLD

Ad hoc procedures for students with certified SLD or other certified disabilities have been provided for by the Legislative Decree 62/2017.

In fact, the use of compensatory tools such as the calculator, the dictionary, the reader of texts or extra time is allowed (up to 15 minutes more per test).
Furthermore, exemption from one or more tests is also possible if provided for by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The Invalsi 2022 test calendar

The first to take the Invalsi 2022 tests will be the students of the fifth class of the Second Grade Secondary School, who will face the tests in the first days of March. Then the tests of the third class of the First Grade Secondary School will follow in April and, in the month of May, the 2nd and 5th Primary and 2nd Secondary Secondary classes.

To find out all the dates you can consult the calendar of the Invalsi 2022 tests of redooc.com

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