Fall 2021 lip makeup trends: discover 3 main strands

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The fall 2021 lip makeup trends see the fall 2021 lipsticks return as protagonists among burgundy, red, pink, glosses and 90s lips

The fall 2021 lip makeup trends speak for themselves: this season we will see the return of lipstick, with classic autumn colors such as burgundy and red but with an unexpected new entry, pink. But not only that, because also thanks to the use of masks inside, there will be proposals for nude lips inspired by the 90s and the great return of lip gloss. And the eyes? Click here to discover the fall 2021 eye makeup trends.

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  • The gloss and natural lips, because the memory of the mask is still close
  • Nude lips inspired by the 90s, always current
  • Autumn 2021 lipstick trends: the red and burgundy classics par excellence and a new entry
    • The lipstick color that recalls autumn par excellence: burgundy or burgundy
    • The timeless red lipstick, perfect for any season
    • The great new entry among the 2021 lip makeup trends: pink lipstick

The gloss and natural lips, because the memory of the mask is still close

The gloss is one of the real stars of autumn 2021 lip makeup and the lip gloss cannot be missing in the perfect beauty makeup, to be combined with smokey eyes or a classic nude makeup, inspired by Giorgio Armani makeup. The Versace Fall 2021 fashion show also offers shiny and glossed lips but above all perfectly hydrated, with no skin and cracks in sight. So arm yourself with a good lip balm to take care of them and choose super shiny glosses. Don't worry, forget about sticky formulas, glosses are now comfortable on the lips and do not drip.

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Despite the new formulations in the market, if you are afraid that the gloss may move, use a transparent lip contour pencil. It is a wax pencil to be applied immediately outside the outer edge of the lips, colorless, which serves to create a barrier that prevents the lip gloss, but also the lipstick, from bleeding and moving on the face.

full lips lip gloss lipgloss

To emphasize the lips with the gloss and make them appear even more plumped, a perfect ally is the lip plumper, a product based on ingredients that give the lips a naturally swollen and defined effect, often based on menthol or chilli. Some of these products are real glosses that, in addition to volumizing, polish the lips, while others apply and dry, allowing you to apply your favorite lipstick afterwards.

curly brunette girl lip gloss gloss lips natural makeup

As for the fall 2021 lip gloss colors, the most popular is certainly the transparent one with a super shiny effect. However, there will be glosses with glitter and reflective micro specks, golden glosses but also pink glosses with a natural effect, to emphasize your lip color, giving for a romantic look.

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Nude lips inspired by the 90s, always current

The nude lips of the 90s continue to dominate the scene even among the autumn 2021 lip makeup trends. The trend sees a lip pencil a few shades darker than the lipstick or gloss, with which to contour the lips, even slightly overflowing the contour, for an overlined lips effect, just like in the 90s. It is important to identify the right lip pencil tone to match the lipstick but, above all, to your complexion.

girl full lips brown lipstick graphic eyeliner

Choose a warmer or cooler nude based on your undertone and darker or lighter based on your skin tone. For a more natural and less evident effect, it is better to choose a pencil of a few shades darker but, if you want a more intense make-up effect, opt for a much darker pencil, to be blended to perfection so as not to create too much detachment with the lipstick. or the gloss. Beauty tip: if you don't want to buy a special pencil, choose a soft and easy to blend brown eye pencil from your beauty.

Asian girls fuchsia and lilac lipstick

Autumn 2021 lipstick trends: the red and burgundy classics par excellence and a new entry

90s nude lips, glosses and lip glosses, but this autumn we will also give a warm welcome back to lipstick: after two years without wearing it, this year we are confidently witnessing its return in style, but without forgetting the use of the mask, for the moment always present in closed places. Classic shades for winter, such as burgundy and purple, are combined with the shade of lipstick par excellence, red. However, we will see a color not associated with this season take hold, pink: more natural, warm, cold or extra pop, he will be the real protagonist.

dark lipstick burgundy burgundy girl lollipop

The lipstick color that recalls autumn par excellence: burgundy or burgundy

There is no autumn without burgundy, burgundy and purple lipstick. Dark and enveloping colors with darker shades, to be chosen tending to warm or cold according to your undertone. And precisely because the gloss is another great fall 2021 lip makeup trend, the texture of the lipsticks becomes shiny but not only, also super matte or creamy and just shimmer.

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Try wearing dark lipstick alone, with a fresh and luminous face base just hinted at and no eye makeup except a little mascara. It is a perfect look for when you are on the run but you still want an effective make-up: minimum expense and maximum yield. Also try a mix of textures on the lips, with opaque contours and the glossy center, to give a more three-dimensional and voluminous effect to the lips which, notoriously, with dark lipsticks seem to be smaller for an optical effect.

afro girl black full lips red lipstick

The timeless red lipstick, perfect for any season

It never goes out of fashion and is perhaps the color par excellence: among the autumn 2021 lipsticks, the truly iconic red lipstick cannot be missing. Also in this case you choose based on your skin tone, warmer for warm undertones and colder for cold undertones, lighter or darker also based on the tone of your complexion. The red gloss with a vinyl finish makes the lips provocative and irresistible but if it seems too Christmas an effect, green light for the creamy red lipstick or in the long-lasting matte liquid lipstick version, perfect to wear under the mask.

girl shiny red lipstick

The great new entry among the 2021 lip makeup trends: pink lipstick

Last, but not least, pink lipstick peeks out and indeed dominates the fall 2021 lip makeup trends. That's right, a color often associated with spring or summer will be the protagonist of the autumn season. It comes in softer and more delicate shades as proposed by Dolce & Gabbana, for those who love nude and more natural make-up or in bold and pop nuances. Emporio Armani chooses baby pink lipstick combined with a light makeup with lashes protagonists with lots of mascara, while Moschino chooses almost fluorescent pink and bright. The finish is also variable, including pink gloss, matte lipsticks or shimmer effect.

blonde girl blue green eyes hot pink lipstick

Finding the most suitable pink for your complexion, however, is not always easy and the mistake is just around the corner: too light, too cold or too hot, pay attention to your skin undertone. Those who have it cold should choose colder shades with blue inside while those who have it warmer will prefer warmer tones, such as peach pink or with a greater hint of orange.

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