Fall for the low bun, the must-have hairstyle for back to school!

Fall for the low bun, the must-have hairstyle for back to school!

Organized in the middle of August, Copenhagen Fashion Week kicks off the fashion season, and at the same time new trends that will be essential from the start of the school year. And whether through the parades or the street styles that (also) make the reputation of the Danish capital. This season, a beauty trend has clearly come out on top: the low chignon, a perfect illustration of the chic minimalism at the base of the Nordic style.

A mullet-style square, natural waves, strict bangs, or even flashy coloring: summer has proven to be the season for all the audacity in terms of hairstyles. But the start of the school year is about to change the situation with the great return of a retro hairstyle revisited with Nordic sauce, the low bun, a relaxed chic version, as seen and seen again in the streets of Copenhagen on the occasion of its traditional week. of fashion. Influencers, journalists, and other guests no longer seemed to swear by the low chignon, falsely neglected, which they accessorized with sometimes classic, sometimes flashy ties, for an effortless chic look that should be emulated from the start of the school year. Note also that Cecilie Thorsmark, general manager of Copenhagen Fashion Week, herself made several appearances wearing a low bun during this fashion week dedicated to the spring-summer 2024 season.

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Low bun: how to wear it?

It will be understood, it is not a question of making a bun on the top of the head, but rather down, almost resting on the neck. A retro hairstyle that takes us back to the early 1900s and allows, important detail, to be worn with a hat or… a cap, an accessory also very present in Copenhagen. Once this rule has been integrated, everyone can let their imagination and creativity speak for themselves. The fact remains that the street styles of the Danish capital have essentially given pride of place to the falsely neglected bun, as if done in a hurry, and therefore relaxed, but achieved by flattening the rest of the hair, sometimes using fixing spray, for the chic side

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Note that while most of the guests and fashion addicts have bet for a parting in the middle, for a more classic version, others have chosen to bring all the hair back, when a handful has (a again) paid homage to the 2000s by dropping two locks down her face. As for the bun, as we have seen, the idea is to tie it in a negligent way, but it is also possible to opt for a perfectly shaped, more sophisticated version, and even to make a braided bun, but still low . The only condition to embrace this trend with style.

Focus on accessories

No matter what look you choose, the low bun goes with absolutely everything. A long or midi skirt, loose denim or utilitarian Bermuda shorts, a suit, a sophisticated or casual dress, or a biker jacket, it doesn’t matter, it’s ‘THE’ hairstyle that can be worn with any outfit, during the day or in the evening, at a dinner or a social event or at work. But it is however possible to sublimate it according to his moods, his tastes, and his desires, with a host of accessories which are preparing a fortiori, too, to make their big comeback on the front of the stage.

The most classic version is to bet on a rubber band, thin enough, so that it can blend into your hair and go completely unnoticed. But for a style that is 100% Nordic fashion, it is better to be tempted by more flashy accessories. It can be a ribbon, a wide elastic, or – best – a scrunchie, preferably colored, with colors associated or not with your look of the day. It is also possible to slide barrettes in your hair, with a double use: aesthetic and practical, since they will allow to maintain the rebellious locks in place. And for the more daring, why not fix a flower or butterfly-shaped tie in her hair, for a more fun touch?

No matter which accessory you choose, the low bun will undoubtedly be popular this fall, allowing you to fully play the card of casual chic and mix & match, two inseparable particularities of Danish fashion.

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