Fall skincare 2021: the transition from summer to autumn skincare

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With the change of season and the drop in temperatures it is essential to adjust your skincare routine: here's how

With the arrival of the season change comes the autumn 2021 skincare change, passing from the summer to the autumn one. After the summer, in fact, the skin is tried and stressed by the sun, sea, salt, wind and, let's face it, also by a skincare that is not always correct and precise, especially when traveling.

Despite the use of sunscreen, in fact, the skin needs to be rebalanced, also to prepare for the arrival of winter; Autumn is therefore a season of transition and adjustment of one's skincare routine. The first fundamental rule is to moisturize the skin, renew it and illuminate it with specific products, some for daily use but also real weekly treatments.

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  • First of all, for autumn 2021 skincare products abandoned in summer can be reintroduced
  • How does the autumn facial cleanser change
  • The autumn face serum, to be chosen according to your needs
  • The evergreen of autumn 2021 face products: the moisturizing cream
  • Password: renew, with delicate scrubs and exfoliants
  • The eye contour cream, essential to wake up the eyes
  • The shock treatments to do at home: face masks
  • Various and any not to be forgotten: décolleté and lips

First of all, for autumn 2021 skincare products abandoned in summer can be reintroduced

There are some cosmetics, or rather active ones, that in summer it is better not to use, because they are photosensitizers. That is, they could stain the skin during sun exposure despite often being cosmetics designed to lighten spots or with anti-aging active ingredients. With the arrival of autumn, however, when we no longer expose ourselves to the sun and in general it tends to be less intense, they can be reintegrated.

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Green light therefore to products to exfoliate, also based on acids or real treatments against hyperpigmentation, also because it can happen, despite sun protection and various precautions, to find yourself at the end of the season with small brown spots. They are products that, in general, brighten the complexion because they eliminate dead cells, which are primarily responsible for a dull and graying complexion, together with the accumulation of dirt and smog.

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Another fundamental active of the autumn 2021 anti-aging face creams is retinol, which manages to minimize small wrinkles and even out the skin texture, making it immediately smoother and younger. To be strictly suspended in the summer, precisely because it could favor the appearance of spots, it can be reintroduced with the autumn 2021 skincare.

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How does the autumn facial cleanser change

The first step of a proper skincare routine, we have repeated until boredom, is the facial cleanser. If in summer you prefer mousse or gel, with a fresher and less full-bodied texture, with the arrival of autumn you can opt for something more moisturizing. For more sensitive skin, it is better to use non-foaming cleansers or with delicate surfactants, dry skin will instead choose cream products with a more nourishing texture. Combined and oily skin, on the other hand, can continue to use gel or mousse textures, as long as they contain more moisturizing active ingredients, which do not stress and further dehydrate the skin.

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The autumn face serum, to be chosen according to your needs

The face serum is a precious elixir to be changed or included in autumn 2021 skincare. It is used to deeply convey the active ingredients contained within and can be used in combination with the cream or to treat different problems. For example, a dark spot serum with a moisturizing face cream or a purifying serum with a light face cream.

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With lower temperatures it is common to feel the need to moisturize the skin, therefore choosing serums based on hyaluronic acid or substances that deeply hydrate the skin. For the most sensitive skin, which reddens easily, the ideal are soothing serums, for dull and dull skin an illuminating serum while for combination, oily or impure skin the choice falls on a purifying or rebalancing serum.

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The evergreen of autumn 2021 face products: the moisturizing cream

Perhaps in the summer you have only used a serum to obtain the right degree of skin hydration, also thanks to the light, thin and easily absorbed texture. For autumn 2021 skincare, however, it is better to also integrate a face cream that retains the hydration provided with the serum and also functions as a protective barrier.

Face creams become more nourishing and full-bodied, according to your skin type: richer creams for dry skin and you go from gel textures to fluid and light creams for combination or oily skin. Choose it not only based on your skin type but also on the desired effect: anti-aging, illuminating or for impure skin. The watchword, however, is to redensify and recompact the skin, with precious active ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen.

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Don't forget sunscreen, even if you don't expose yourself directly to the sun. Choose a so-called urban face sunscreen, that is, to be used in the city, with a lighter and easily absorbed texture, also perfect to apply before makeup. Alternatively, if you don't want to layer too many products, there are sunsprays that can be reapplied throughout the day, even on top of makeup.

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Password: renew, with delicate scrubs and exfoliants

(Almost) everyone likes tanned skin, but as we move into autumn it is good to let it go. Even if you would like it to last until next summer, a uniform and slightly lighter complexion is better than dull skin and a blotchy or grayish complexion. Hence, exfoliation is important for radiant skin and a homogeneous and even complexion. In reality, with a scrub or peeling it is not the tan that goes away, but the surface layer of cells that are now old and which naturally would go away with cell turnover.

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It is just a matter of accelerating this process to avoid that, by renewing itself more slowly, the skin appears with lighter patches or drier and more dehydrated areas. For sensitive skin, it is better to choose delicate scrubs with fine and non-aggressive grains or alternatively resort to acid-based peeling, to be done at most once a week or every ten days, always remembering the sun protection.

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The eye contour cream, essential to wake up the eyes

To revitalize a tired look, nothing better than an eye contour cream, to fight the first wrinkles, deeper furrows, bags and dark circles. Also in this case we move from more fluid textures to richer and more full-bodied, especially in the evening. For the day, unless you have a very dry eye area, it is better to continue with the use of less rich products that may not make the concealer adhere as well. In the evening, however, more nourishing formulations are ideal, also to be applied in quantity and left on like a real mask.

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The shock treatments to do at home: face masks

The fall 2021 skincare treatments to be used at least once a week include face masks and eye patches. To choose the right face mask you need to think not only about your skin type, but also about more specific problems related to a period. In fact, it is not certain that dry skin may not need a rebalancing mask because perhaps some imperfection has appeared in a period of stress.

Similarly, combination or oily skin may need an extra pampering and a little more hydration. Eye patches are also excellent, to be applied before an event or a particular makeup to cool down your eyes, perhaps after a more lively evening or in the evening, before going to sleep, to complete your skincare routine.

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Various and any not to be forgotten: décolleté and lips

Two other areas not to be forgotten when it comes to the change of season and the autumn 2021 skincare routine are the décolleté and the lips. The décolleté is, in fact, one of the areas of the body that age more easily and reveal our age, also because we do not take care of it as we do with the face. Brown spots, small wrinkles and dehydrated skin that loses firmness are the first signs of aging skin. So choose a specific cream for the décolleté or get into the healthy habit of applying moisturizing body creams with active ingredients also in this area.

Lastly, the lips, which are affected by the first cold, dehydrating, cracking and splitting. The lip balms in the jar are excellent, to be applied in the evening with clean hands, while sticks or tubes are more suitable for application at any time of the day.

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