Fall Winter make-up trends: the makeup is there but you can’t see it!

Fall Winter make-up trends: the makeup is there but you can't see it!

The time has come to find out what the trends for the next cold season will be for foundation, blush, lipstick and more. Rajan Tolomei, Make Up Artist, reveals the secrets for a nude look with a natural effect like those seen on the catwalks

make-up trends fall winter 2021 2022Each season reserves lots of news and the make-up trends for fall / winter 2021-2022 are no exception.

The trick is there but you can’t see it: nothing more true for the cold season that accompanies us towards the end of the year. The looks are just defined, light, shaded and almost impalpable but in reality they hide many small details and make-up hacks that outline a studied and structured make-up, where nothing is left to chance. How do we know this?

Rajan Tolomei, National Make-up Artist di Max FactorThanks to Rajan Tolomei, Max Factor’s National Make-up Artist, who led us to the discovery of colors, textures and finishes that will characterize the next season dedicated to make-up.

The trend: “more to be than to appear”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas per Max Factor

When it comes to make-up trend, the first thing to do is understand the mood of the upcoming season and this year the watchword is only one: to be. “More to be than to appear” says Rajan, “a perfect nude where simplicity reigns”.

When we talk about nudes in make-up, we risk falling into the trap that naked make-up has in common with the absence of make-up: a mistake not to be made because it is precisely here, instead, that the basis of every look is masterfully built. of well-selected products, dosed and layered among them to create that effect I see I don’t see that we all know.

Inevitable, therefore, will be foundation, concealer, powder and blush. One rule: different products, less thickness. To be on the crest of the wave and keep up with trends.

The face

Nude yes, but not flat. Rajan Tolomei tells us that next season’s trend includes a clean face but attentive to details.

face makeup trends

To obtain an ultra smoothing effect, the foundation will be leveling and self-leveling and will then be enriched with concealer and powder, first to correct and then to fix, in order to obtain a long lasting effect. Thin, light layers that are enhanced as the look is built: this is the secret of the make-up look for autumn / winter 2021/2022.

The choice for this season focuses on multitasking foundation: a single formula that allows you to combine the characteristics of primer, concealer and foundation. A single application will be enough to immediately give new life to the face that will be clean, opaque but with a luminous finish. This is also due to the powders contained within them that level out, avoid color spots and discolouration.

Not just full color and smooth, error-free skin, applying the right foundation in the cold season is the best way to protect your skin. A real barrier that will protect the face from external agents, such as cold and wind, as well as shielding the sun’s rays by choosing formulas with SPF, which are the main cause of skin aging. A product to have and use every day to face the external environment and, at the same time, create a perfect and bright base like a canvas on which to paint.

Among the trends, then, the highly technological skin foundations are not to be missed: products that combine not only the ability to make the face uniform but also to blend with the skin, thanks to the photo-adapting pigments that match perfectly with your complexion. An evolution that will allow you to make fewer mistakes when choosing your foundation.

Do not underestimate the application of the foundation which, this season, will need a lot of hydration and, therefore, better to use a wet synthetic fiber brush which, in addition to evening the face, will add hydration during its application.

And the blush? Obviously it cannot and must not be missing, indeed it will be the turning point of every face made up. Yes to rosy tones with luminous finishes (but without glitter): small satin touches that will be applied on the cheeks to give a healthy, fresh look with a bonne mine effect.

The eyes

eye makeup trends

The face is the canvas on which to draw and knowing what to draw and which colors to choose is fundamental.

The eyes are still in the foreground and, as the trend dictates, here too the discreet and natural colors come to bring the gaze to the foreground, framing it.

The shades of brown – rust, burnt and earthenware – are combined with the brightness of all shades of gold – pink and pale – for a present but discreet look. Bright, never tired and smiling.

Mascara is inevitable, always present in a good eyelook and a true protagonist this season that wants long, indeed very long lashes: a real lash extension effect, which uses only the power of mascara.
In this case the hourglass brushes will come to our aid that will lengthen the lashes without making them all the same, thus characterizing them with a disheveled, natural and not fake effect.

A fresh look that will be made even more unique by lashes of different volumes for a “Wake-up” look.

eyebrow make-up trends

What about the eyebrows? The subtle and perfectly delineated structures remain a distant memory and, in their place, the mannish and spike trend continues: disciplined, but thick and very thick lashes. A look that evokes a desire for naturalness, but with a lot of attention.


lip make-up trends

Lipsticks are making a comeback, and the fall / winter 2021/2022 make-up trends are a small anticipation of what the future will be where, finally, the mouth will return to be noticed with colors, finishes and shapes to be discovered.

The two great themes to be observed with curiosity are two: the finish and the color.

Yes to the glossed colors that, after years of silence, come back to be revised. Full, full-bodied, luminous and super moisturizing: all characteristics that make an unmissable and irresistible lip color. This is flanked by opaque and matte shades, but with a decisive turnaround compared to the past: enough to dry and decidedly dusty formulas, now you want to pamper, hydration and comfort, even for the lips. The formulas, therefore, will be opaque but with a high smoothness, and will use a long-lasting formula resistant to everything!

But the central element of the lip makeup is definitely the color and here too, Rajan gave us some small previews on the subject.

Mallow, fuchsia red and merlot: three colors that tell three distinct types of moods that can be faced with serenity every day, by every woman. It starts with mauve, a pinkish beige very similar to one’s lips which, in reality, highlights them even more and improves them. Ideal for a delicate and whispered femininity.

We then move on to fuchsia red, a great return that wants to praise a light life, made up of simple and fun things, a declared and desired femininity to show to the whole world.
Then, the dark, deep and juicy tone is inevitable: it is called Merlot, inspired by wine, which expresses all the feminine sensuality putting itself in sharp contrast with a clean, luminous face with a no-makeup effect.

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