False nails: adhesive or with glue, user guide

mani applicano unghie finte colorate con cuori pianta grassa

Fake nails with adhesive or glue are the ideal choice for those who like to change manicures often and are looking for a quick and practical solution

There are those who just can't see themselves with short nails or without polish. But there are also those who are always in a hurry and cannot carve out the time to go to the beauty center and get a proper manicure. Or even those who do not want to spend large sums to devote themselves to their nails but want a more lasting solution than a simple polish. False nails, adhesive or with glue, are therefore the ideal choice because they are easy to apply, cheap and allow you to quickly change the style of your hands, always having them in order and cared for.

There are 2 types depending on the method of application: adhesive false nails and adhesive nails with glue. The former are even simpler and faster to apply because they are ready while for the latter you need to do a few more steps, but with a longer duration. They are generally made of plastic and, to make them last longer, it is good to choose a quality product, especially for those with glue. There are different shapes and colors, they can be customized at will but they also already exist with nail art, to minimize the application time. They are therefore also excellent allies for those who are trying to regrow their natural nails or for those who want to stop biting their nails, because having their hands in order helps to stop them.

adhesive false nails kit colored files and scissors

The kits that can be found online or in perfumeries are easy to use because they contain everything you need for the application and clear and precise instructions are provided on the use of false nails, even if the procedure is very intuitive and proof. of error. You just have to pay attention, as a first step, to choose the right size for each nail. It starts by measuring the nails starting from the little finger, verifying the right length but above all the width. The false nail, in fact, must have a natural appearance: if it is too narrow it will reveal a portion of the natural nail, if it is too wide it will not rest perfectly on the nail bed and will be not very harmonious. Furthermore, choosing a nail of the wrong size, especially if it is too wide, will make the manicure last less, because air will enter and could also cause pain.

In the case of false nails with glue, simply place them on top to find the right size, in the case of adhesive false nails, however, this procedure must be performed before removing the adhesive. Removing it earlier would already mean gluing the nails and, in the case of a wrong choice, it will be detached, thus ruining a false nail that could be used for another finger.

false nails various sizes French manicure

Once you have found the right size, you need to proceed by preparing the nail: first you need to remove any residual polish and it would also be better to push back the cuticles with an orange stick or other special tool. Then we move on to cleansing, removing any greasy residue with a wad soaked in solvent. Beware of acetone that weakens the nail and do not wash your hands immediately before applying the false nails, because the hand must be completely dry and the nails must not be wet. This is a step that should not be underestimated, because it will allow the false nails to adhere better and therefore last longer.

In case you don't find nails the same width as your natural ones, you can file them to make sure they fit perfectly. As for the length, it is always better to file them once applied, so that you can adjust them all in the same way, even if you want to change their shape, perhaps making them more rounded. As for the width, however, it is necessary to file them before gluing them, but proceeding step by step, because even an extra millimeter could ruin the false nail that will no longer be usable for that finger.

hands perform manicure and filing nails


  • The application of pre-glued self-adhesive false nails, the most practical and fastest
  • The application of false nails with glue, for a manicure that lasts longer
  • Can fake nails be decorated and nail polish changed?
  • How long do they last and how do you remove false nails with glue and without glue?

The application of pre-glued self-adhesive false nails, the most practical and fastest

Once all the nails have been measured, you can proceed with the actual application, depending on the type chosen. The fastest and most practical false nails to apply are the self-adhesive ones. In this case, simply lift the adhesive already attached to the false nail, place it starting from the base, near the gyrocuticle and then press it to make it adhere to the natural one.

It is then necessary to exert a slight pressure, but without exaggerating and without feeling pain, in the center and on the sides, holding down for a few seconds to let the adhesive dry. You then proceed with the remaining ones and, after having applied them to both hands, if you have chosen natural or transparent nails, you can decide to decorate them at will or arrange the shape by filing them.

hands apply colored fake nails with succulent hearts

The application of false nails with glue, for a manicure that lasts longer

The application of false nails with glue takes just a little longer, because you need to understand how much to put on for the success of the manicure so as not to create air bubbles or accumulations of glue. Just put a single drop in the center of the false nail and, as for the self-adhesive ones, apply starting from the base and exerting a slight pressure, for about 30 seconds. It does not matter to press too much in a single point, otherwise the glue will only move sideways having less grip in the center but, at the same time, do not press too little because there is a risk of air bubbles forming.

It seems more difficult, explaining it, in reality you just need to take a little dexterity. By putting too little glue, in fact, the sides will remain free and the false nail will not be firm, while putting too much glue will come out from the edges, dirtying the skin and creating accumulations that, once dry, will tend to white. In this case, if you make a mistake in applying any of them, you can always detach and reposition them, especially just applied and with the glue not yet dry. If this has already taken hold, however, it is removed, the false and natural nails are cleaned and you start all over again. It is also possible to do this with adhesive false nails, but the adhesive will have less grip and therefore the false nail will last less.

hands nails green polish and nail art decorations

Can fake nails be decorated and nail polish changed?

Once you have applied the fake and filed nails, you can decide to decorate them at will. On the market they already exist with ready-made nail art, but they are also transparent, with a natural color or with the classic French manicure. On false nails you can apply your favorite nail polish but care must be taken in changing it more than once. The solvent, in fact, tends to make the nails unstuck so it must be applied very little, using a cotton swab to avoid touching the edges with an excess of remover. Better, in case, first apply a lighter color and then cover it with a darker one. It is also possible to apply glitter or rhinestones, as if it were a normal nail art made on natural nails.

How long do they last and how do you remove false nails with glue and without glue?

Fake nails do not last as long as reconstructed nails because they are more delicate. On average they last from 5 to 7 days but it also depends on the lifestyle and how much care is taken in handling them. Surely those who use water a lot, especially hot, will have a shorter duration, as well as those who use their hands a lot because if the false nails accidentally hit them they could break or come off.

In any case, it is better not to wet them for too long but above all do not immerse them or soak them, especially in hot water and avoid using solvents and detergents very frequently. For example, when doing housework or washing dishes, it is preferable to use gloves to protect them and make them last longer. Fake nails with glue have a longer duration, also because if they come off they can be cleaned and re-applied a drop of glue, while the adhesive ones last less.

To remove them, however, just dip your fingers in hot water for a few minutes in order to soften the glue. Then exerting light pressure on the end not attached to the natural nail, the false one should rise and detach. If it resists, you don't need to press too hard but, if so, wet it again. With particularly durable glues, on the other hand, it is better to use special products or solvents designed to remove the glue and then detach it with light pressure.

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