Fantasy of fennel, carrots and potatoes: maximum results, minimum effort


A natural and delicious side dish, to be served with meat and fish with fennel, carrots and potatoes. Little expense and a lot of yield

Respect nature and nature as much as possible seasonality of products it is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to others who eat with us.



That’s why if we cook like this fennel, carrots and potatoesand by flavoring them only with a spice, an herb and some capers (or olives) we hit the mark. A simple but essential side dish

Fennel, carrots and potatoes, with meat but also fish

In summer as in winter, this side dish is ideal to accompany meat and fish recipes, baked but also on the grill. Dishes that have a stronger flavor and therefore go well with a light but tasty side dish.



5 medium potatoes
3 carrots
3 fennel
4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 handful of salted capers
1 teaspoon of sweet paprika
marjoram leaves
salt up to taste

Let’s start with the potatoes. Let’s wash and dry them with a clean cloth, then slice them with a mandolin or with a sharp knife if we have a precise hand. We have to get the slices all the same, then let’s keep them aside.
We repeat the same operation with the carrots as well. Wash them, dry them and remove the skin with a potato peeler before cutting them into slices. Lastly, we work the fennel, removing the outer leaves and stems. Cut them in half and then into thin slices, always with the mandolin or with a knife.

Now that we have everything ready we can move on to the second phase. We take a large pan or a large pan and let the olive oil heat up. After 5 minutes we start cooking the potatoes because they take longer than the rest of the vegetables
We continue to cook over medium heat and after 5-6 minutes we also add the fennel and carrots. Let’s add the desalted capers and also the teaspoon of sweet paprika which will give some tone to this side dish.
Cover the pan or pan and let it cook for another 15 minutes, lowering the heat. This is the correct time to make the vegetables soften well and have an even cooking, but also to make them mix.

Finally we turn off, removing the lid. We taste to see if there is no salt, season with marjoram leaves and immediately bring to the table. We can eat fennel, carrots and potatoes both hot and at room temperature.

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