Farewell to Marion Ramsey, Police School Officer Hooks

Addio a Marion Ramsey, l’agente Hooks di Scuola di Polizia

Farewell to Marion Ramsey, the unforgettable officer Laverne Hooks of "Police School"

Farewell to Marion Ramsey, the unforgettable Hooks Officer of Police School. The 73-year-old actress died in Los Angeles, to announce her death, the BBC which has collected the statements of her agent. "His passion for acting and sharing his heart with the world was immense," Roger Paul Inc explained. Marion carried with her a kindness and a piercing light that instantly filled any place upon her arrival. We will miss her and will always love her ”.

Born in 1947, Marion was born in Pennsylvania and began her career as an actress starting from the theater. She had appeared in numerous Broadway productions, from Hello, Dolly! to Grind, up to Eubie which remains his most famous work after the Police School. In the 1978 musical that told the story of jazz pianist Eubie Blake, Ramsey showed all her enormous talent. Interviewed by the BBC, the artist's agent said she was "particularly proud" of the idea that Dreamgirls, in which she had performed in the theater, had become a film in 2006.

Hugely popular on Broadway, however, Marion Ramsey owes her fame to television, in particular to the sitcom I Jefferson and the Police School saga. The actress, in the role of sweet and clumsy Laverne Hooks, had taken part in the six episodes of the long series of films, becoming a legend. Over the years he had linked his destiny to that of Police School, participating from 1984 to 1989 in Police School, Police School 2 – First mission, Police School 3 – All to be redone, Police School 4 – Citizens in … Guard, Police School 5 – Destination Miami and Police School 6 – The city is under siege. He also played Team Thing, one of the songs featured in the soundtrack of the third Police School film. He also starred in a few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210, MacGyver and La Tata.

Many have commented on the artist's disappearance, but the most striking reaction is that of Michael Winslow. The famous rumorist of the saga was very attached to the actress with whom he had created an excellent relationship in front of and behind the cameras. "My sincere condolences to family, fans and friends for the death of Marion Ramsey – he wrote on Instagram -. I can't speak right now ”.

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