"Fashion crimes", the worst look errors we make

"Fashion crimes", the worst look errors we make

Inguinal shorts, flip flops and fleece in the city, leggings like trousers: here are some of the most common style slides. But why do we commit them?

The worst style mistakes we make

Fashion crime (a fashion crime that is committed at all ages, even among those who grow up), who hasn't committed at least one in life? Let's face it, we all wore something really horrible or we made daring combinations just because they were fashionable or our friends convinced us that we couldn't not have that specific garment.

Mashable has launched a survey on the worst fashion crimes women have ever committed, with a lot of motivation that led them to that particular style slide (even the stars are no less in terms of horror looks).

Here are some of the worst look errors. Let's start with the classic white socks. The justification: "I didn't do the laundry". We continue with flip-flops and German-style sandals also in the city. The justification: "I still carry them, I don't care". And we want to talk about the jacket with padded straps. The justification: "It was the 1980s. It was used ". Not to mention the suit. The justification: "I wanted to jog but then I changed my mind." Here is a rundown of the most popular style slides.

And which fashion crime did you commit? Comment here!

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