Fashion, the 8 must haves for all seasons

Being always elegant, in any season and outside of passing fashions, is not difficult. Everything starts from the wardrobe and from what it must contain: that is a few garments but good ones, as stylists and fashion experts have always said. He also reiterates in his latest book Caroline Cox, international authority in the fashion field, which in "Grown-Up Glamor" confirms the universal rules of style, followed by the most elegant celebrities and the most chic ladies.

It is not necessary that the wardrobe be full of designer clothes or the latest fashion, it is important instead that some pieces are never missing, essential as well as timeless: on these we can safely bet that next year – or between ten years – they will always be in fashion.
Here they are listed below: make a note of it because they will have to be the top garments of your wardrobe, those to be counted on at any occasion, from the job interview to the aperitif, and why not, on the red carpet, as long as you find yourself having to attend a similar event.

  • Trench

Chic and with something professional, sexy and a little conservative: ultimately, a perfect timeless garment to be worn on the most varied occasions. Choose it in a double-breasted version (Burberry model, for instance) and don't squeeze in too tight a lacing. It is forbidden to wear a shorter trench coat than the skirt.

  • Chanel suit

It is good for everyone, from the youngest to the most elderly. Its biggest supporter is the famous director of US Vogue Anna Wintour, who in her jacket Chanel puts even more awe. The secret: in a light pink version, it is suitable for all complexions and nuances of hair.

  • The perfect pants (for you)

You can also go for months and months and not find them: but once you wear them you will recognize them, and you will never have to be separated from that model, for life or almost.

  • The white shirt

Better to choose it slightly close-fitting, and watch your back: they must adhere perfectly to yours. keep the last two buttons undone, and voila: you have your passpartout, to wear with black trousers or jeans.

  • The cashmere cardigan

Believe it or not, this is a truly indispensable piece that embodies the essence of chic. Elegant in a discreet and versatile way, it is also perfect for the evening, with a dress or a silk skirt.

  • The oversize dress

Another cornerstone of chic style, especially when combined with the cardigan. Never wear it with a belt, to avoid the sack effect.

  • Little black dress

Too celebrated, and not by chance: the little black dress is the first item in order of importance of one's wardrobe. To wear for the aperitif, for the evening and also at work, with the right accessories, it makes you elegant and at the same time gives that little touch of voluptuousness more to your silhouette.

  • A pair of boots

They are always sexy, even with jeans: choose the right ones, which perfectly wrap the calf and reach a few centimeters below the knee. The must-have boots, the ones you can't do without, can be neither ugly boots nor musketeers, with the pace of this year's fashion.

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