Fashion, the future is LED?

Fashion, the future is LED?

LED lamps. The light of the future

Its inventors – the London designers of Cutecircuit – have called it "the largest display in the world", but this is not why the Galaxy Dress is talked about: the fact is that this display can be worn.

In the blogosphere the tam tam of fashion-addicted has not let slip the novelty: it is not every day a dress composed of 24,000 tiny multicolored LEDs and 4,000 Swarovski crystals, so that far from being put on the market has passed directly from the laboratory of "techno-tailoring" at the "Fast Forward: Inventing the Future" exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

To tell the truth the Galaxy Dress is not the first example of clothing made with LEDs, but certainly unlike its predecessors, perhaps due to a greater attention to the couture side, it makes a great scene and, despite it doesn't seem particularly easy to wear, would do the joy of more than a star in the mood for eccentricity, as well as not a few common mortals in crisis for the choice of the New Year dress.

What is certain is that this technology has a perfect physique du rôle to lend itself to the scenarios envisioned by futurologists: the ever-increasing miniaturization of light points will increasingly delight artists, stylists and designers: the pioneer in this field is Ingo Maurer, with its LED Wallpaper.

But the real card in favor of the diffusion of LEDs in the not too distant future is the non-negligible eco-friendly side, since it is a technology with very low energy consumption. Just think of the Galaxy Dress, whose 24,000 LEDs consume as much as two traditional light bulbs.

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