Fast skincare routine with essential, heat-proof products

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In summer there are few products that bear on the face: choosing essential products is the key to a quick skincare routine

In summer, you know, it is more difficult to devote yourself to the care of your skin. Partly out of laziness, partly because you are perhaps on vacation, partly because you can bear few products, there is the risk of sweating and feeling heavy skin. It is essential, however, at this time of year, to devote yourself to a complete skincare routine, albeit leaner and faster to carry out. The sun, in fact, is the number one enemy of a beautiful skin and even if the tan gives an effect in health and a pleasant complexion on the spot, if its damage is not contrasted with time, it will witness premature aging. In addition, it is possible that many skins will dry out during exposure or, on the contrary, get fat.

First of all it is necessary, morning and evening, to cleanse your face to remove both make-up residues and impurities or accumulations of sebum of the night. With less make-up, in summer, a pass of micellar water or a cleansing mousse may suffice. If it is moisturizing, light, delicate and refreshing, like EveryDay Mediterranea Cosmetics Cleansing Mousse, even better.

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Once the face is cleansed, at least once a week it would be good to carry out an exfoliating treatment, to eliminate dead cells and renew the skin. In this way it will appear brighter and healthier and the tan less gray. Yes, let's dispel the myth that doing the scrub is harmful to the complexion, nothing more false! A light scrub, such as EveryWeek Mediterranean Cosmetics Exfoliating Gel, actually serves to eliminate the now oxidized surface layer on the skin, which leaves a little oxygenated and luminous appearance. By stimulating cell renewal, the skin will appear clean, healthy and fresh and rested.

Hydration is also important and should not be overlooked in the summer, precisely because exposure to the sun could dry out the skin. The ideal is to use light products, not too nutritious and heavy, but which keep the skin's water level high. Everyweek Mediterranean Cosmetics Moisturizing Mask has a thirst-quenching skin effect, like after drinking a lot of water on a sultry day. The skin after the face mask will appear soft, soothed and plumped and is a step to be repeated at least 1-2 times a week, perhaps in the evening, before going to sleep, to enhance its effects.

If these two steps, exfoliating and mask, are to be repeated a couple of times a week, every day it is essential to apply a face cream and sunscreen. The ideal, in summer, is to use a single product that performs multiple functions, so as not to overload the skin too much and not have to stratify many products. A good compromise is to choose a colored cream, perfect to replace the cream and foundation. If it also contains SPF, like EveryDay Mediterranean Cosmetics Colored Face Cream, here is that in one step it combines the moisturizing effect of a face cream, the protective effect of a sunscreen and the uniforming and smoothing effect, but light, of a foundation.

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