Fast Track and Orthopedic Surgery: less operational stress for the patient and short duration of hospitalization

Fast Track and Orthopedic Surgery: less operational stress for the patient and short duration of hospitalization

In the structures of the Giomi Group, the implantation of hip and knee prostheses can be carried out with reduced hospitalization times and with a more rapid postoperative recovery

The Fast Track protocol is an approach that provides for the reduction of hospitalization times after an operation. When applied to orthopedic surgery, it allows the patient to spend fewer days in the facility and quickly regain mobility following a bone, ligament or joint operation, such as implantation of a hip or hip replacement. knee.

This option is also offered with excellent results in the hospitals of the Giomi Group, a leading Italian private healthcare company founded in 1949 and with numerous state-of-the-art facilities in the orthopedic sector in Italy and Europe, affiliated with the national health system.

What is Fast Track and how is it applied in orthopedic surgery

To apply the Fast Track protocol in orthopedic surgery, it is necessary to involve several medical specialists, including the surgeon, the internist and the anesthetist. The role of the patient is also fundamental, who must be overall in good health and who is adequately informed both on how to prepare for the pre-hospitalization phase and on how to behave after the surgery, so as to prevent the risk of complications.

The operation takes place on the same day as admission with the use of peripheral anesthesia and, if possible, minimally invasive surgical techniques. Thanks to this and to some precautions that the team observes during the surgery, the risk of post-operative blood loss is prevented and the rehabilitation and functional recovery process is facilitated.

The recovery path of mobility and muscle tone, which consists of exercises and manipulations carried out with a professional, begins the day after the surgery. After a few days, the patient can go home and continue the rehabilitation phase independently.

Giomi Group: an excellence for orthopedic surgery and more

In the structures of the Giomi Group, which are located mainly in Central and Southern Italy and in Germany, the Fast Track protocol is applied with success and benefits in orthopedic surgery thanks to the presence of highly specialized and qualified hospital staff, who are specially trained for the management of this approach.

As evidenced by a study by the ICOT – “Marco Pasquali” Institute of Latina, part of the Group, and by the La Sapienza University of Rome, the subjects operated on in the structure for a hip or knee prosthesis implant with the Fast Track protocol they achieved rapid postoperative recovery and shortened hospitalization times. In addition, the degree of perceived pain was lower than average and the patient satisfaction rate was high. Achieving these results is also possible thanks to greater patient education on what needs to be done before and after surgery.

Thanks to the supervision of highly qualified personnel, already 3-4 days after the operation the subject is ready to be discharged and is autonomous in carrying out various daily activities. For example, he can walk short distances and climb stairs. The complete recovery of mobility, without the use of crutches or other aids, is obtained on average in 30-60 days thanks to the indications of the specialist doctors, who explain to the patient which rehabilitation exercises to carry out at home.

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