Fast walking is better than a gym to stay in shape

Fast walking is better than a gym to stay in shape

Fast walking is indicated by doctors and experts of physical well-being as a perfect solution to stay in shape

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Among the possible workouts to do without the aid of specific tools or technique or particular training there is fast walking. Activity that stimulates many body functions, if done correctly.

The first advantage is that it can be done independently, at any time of the day and does not require accessories, apart from sportswear that makes it comfortable.

Fast walking can be done either to lose weight by practicing it constantly every day for at least thirty minutes, or as a real sporting activity to play with different levels of commitment.

As far as weight loss is concerned, a correct posture must be maintained by keeping the abdominals stiff, so as to help the slimming process and at the same time tone the muscles.

Walking is also very good for circulation, promoting the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol.

All this is possible because the movement of the body during walking has a precise and continuous influence on the metabolism, favoring its increase and thus accelerating the burning of too much fat.

Numerous studies have compared those who carried out this activity to those who practiced a gym, with the result of greater physical vigor and a better line for those who practice "Fitwalking" (fast walking).

The practice of this exercise can become a real non-competitive sport, which requires much more commitment and much more consistency than the simple activity to lose weight and keep fit.
In fact, here we recognize three different styles: "Life style", "Performer Style" and "Sport style". Here are the differences between the three types of approaches to this exercise:

– "Life style" is the one where the least physical exercise is required, a shorter foot thrust must be kept and the arms oscillate little in the movement, it is very similar to a traditional walk.
– "Performer Style" is instead the type that provides an average level of effort between the three. The thrust of the foot is more marked and the arms must follow the movement of the leg in a synchronized manner and keeping the elbow at 90 degrees.
– "Sport style" is a real non-competitive sport that foresees the strong swinging of the arms with respect to the legs that move quickly and synchronously. The walk must be fast and constant for the duration of the exercise.

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