Fatty liver: why the liver gets fat and what to do

Fatty liver: why the liver gets fat and what to do

Metabolic fatty liver disease primarily depends on our bad habits. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains how to deal with it

Normally 5% of hepatocytes, the liver cells, contain fat. In the case of fatty liver the percentage is higher and progressively goes towards hepatic steatosis.

Why does the liver get fat?

First of all it depends on our bad habits. A high-calorie diet, especially when combined with low physical activity, represents an enemy for liver health. For this reason, those who are overweight have a higher chance of developing fatty liver. Genetics would also count, as has been verified.

How fatty liver turns out

The simplest approach is that of ultrasound which allows you to see if the liver is hyper-reflective. If there are no particular pathologies, fatty liver is a manifestation of the metabolic syndrome, characterized by overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, increased triglycerides, decreased good cholesterol. In people with hepatic steatosis, it is necessary to evaluate if there are these pictures, in particular glucose intolerance and diabetes. In fact, insulin resistance is at the basis of hepatic steatosis. Patients with fatty liver have a 3 to 4 times higher risk of developing diabetes than those without it.

How to deal with the picture

The only therapy for metabolic hepatic steatosis to date is a correct lifestyle. For nutrition, the ideal is to rely on the Mediterranean diet. Essential is the reduction of calories, if the person is overweight, and regular physical activity. These are general indications, for each specific picture you should always refer to your doctor.

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