Favorite makeup products for June: eyes, face and lips

Favorite makeup products for June: eyes, face and lips

June full of makeup, including mascara, eye palettes, liquid lipsticks, concealers and face palettes to be discovered for an always perfect look

For the month of June I have chosen 5 favorite makeup-themed products, given the many new releases of the last period and the makeup that is lightening in view of the summer. You cannot miss an excellent mascara, a lipstick that resists everything, even the mask, a concealer covering for dark circles, imperfections or to create quick face bases, fine powders for a professional contouring and an eye palette to dress them in shades. lit, bright and vibrant.

Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie XXL

The new liquid lipsticks Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie XXL are liquid lipsticks with a very high hold that guarantee a full result from the first stroke, without smudging. They are offered in different shades, from the lightest to the darkest and most intense but there is no lack of warm, cold and red colors, to give a touch of liveliness even to the simplest of looks. The large drop applicator, with a central slot, allows you to take the right amount of product to perfectly outline the lips thanks to the shape that accompanies the edges, for an easy and precise application.

They take a few minutes to dry completely, but they give a matte finish and leave the lips soft, not marked and without highlighted creases. But above all I tested them all day, from morning to evening, eating and drinking and they didn't move from there, both the light colors and the red par excellence. A note of merit then goes to the fact that they are also resistant to humidity but above all to rubbing, in fact, worn with the mask they remain intact, do not smudge and do not move.

Natural shade nude liquid lipstick

Tarte Cosmetics Creaseless Concealer

Tarte Cosmetics has finally arrived in Italy, after years of admiring the release of new products in America. I tested the Creaseless Concealer, a concealer that is not too fluid, covering and full-bodied but which is easily blended with your fingers, with a brush or with a wet sponge. The high coverage that characterizes it manages to hide even intense and dark dark circles without creating thickness but above all with excellent hold. It does not mark the eye contour and does not accumulate in the folds and is also functional when applied to discoloration or to minimize imperfections.

Despite the high coverage it does not mark but fades and blends with the skin, which is why I often find myself using it to create a complete but fast face base, without resorting to foundation but covering redness, dark circles. and discoloration, blending the product on the face with a damp sponge.

Corrector dark circles discord imperfections clear

WeMakeup x CamiHawke Very Mascara

Mascara is one of my favorite products and the search for the perfect one never stops. I'm a big fan of CamiHawke and I couldn't help but try We Makeup's Very mascara, created in collaboration with her. A formula that does what it promises: lengthens, volumizes, defines and gives a false eyelash effect, but buildable. By applying it in small quantities, the lashes are more natural but well elongated thanks to the presence of fibers that bind to the lashes to make them longer.

By stratifying it you get a curling and volumizing effect not bad, thanks to the formula and the fibers that create thickness. It dries quickly so it must be worked quickly so as not to risk creating product accumulation. While not waterproof, it guarantees a very high durability, does not stain the eyelid and does not moisten or dissolve with the vapor produced by breathing into the mask.

Lengthening tapered brush mascara

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstasr Bronze & Glow Palette

I'm a big fan of contouring palettes because, especially in travel beauty makeup, they allow me to take a few essential products with me, without taking up space. The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette contains a neutral / cool contouring powder perfect for creating shadows and sculpting the face, with a powder so fine that it is impossible to stain. It blends perfectly with the skin, creating natural shades that give definition without being artificial.

The highlighter, also with a very fine pearl, is easily applied with a brush or fingertips for a more reflective, but not too intrusive effect. Perfect therefore for those who want to create light points but do not like the dazzling or too glittery effect of certain highlighters. The integrated mirror and the precious and resistant pack make it a perfect product for small adjustments during the day.

Contouring earth highlighting palette

Mesauda Milano Petal Dream Blooming Flower Palette

Mesauda Milano continues to churn out new products and the latest palette to arrive at home is Blooming Flower, from the Petal Dream collection. It contains 9 shades including purple, pink, mauve and champagne, mainly cold colors and some warmer shades with which you can create countless looks. Metallic eyeshadows are truly reflective, ideal for creating highlights or wet and luminous effects all over the eyelid. The opaque colors, on the other hand, are perfect for creating softer and more natural or more intense looks, real smokey eyes. They do not fall out and are writers from the first pass. If you want to see it in action, in this tutorial you will discover how to make a lilac and peach pastel makeup perfect for summer.

Mesauda Milano Petal Dream Blooming Flower Palette Mesauda Milano Petal Dream Blooming Flower Palette Blooming Flower is the Mesauda Milano palette from the Petal Dream collection. 9 shades in shades of pink and purple to create bright, matte, more natural or more intense makeup, to play with countless combinations of colors and textures. 29,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

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