February diet, eliminate toxins and dry the line

February diet, eliminate toxins and dry the line

With the February diet purify the body and eliminate excess toxins thanks to seasonal fruits and vegetables

The 7 foods richest in vitamin C

February is the perfect month to purify ourselves, eliminate toxins and dry the body for spring.

In this month our body is experiencing a moment of transition: the days are getting longer and we are preparing for the arrival of the warm season, but it continues to be cold, so we feel the need to take caloric foods that risk making us fat. The solution is to follow a diet that helps us purify the body and speed up the metabolism, taking advantage of seasonal foods.

So there is plenty of room for green leafy vegetables, rich in mineral salts and vitamins, perfect for eliminating excess toxins and improving intestinal transit. Enjoy broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach and cauliflower, steaming them and savoring them seasoned with only a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Valerine, lettuce, envy and herbs are also excellent, to be enjoyed before meals to promote the functioning of the stomach and liver.

When the nervous hunger grips you and you risk yielding to the temptation by biting some snacks, bet on crunchy, healthy and tasty February vegetables, like fennel, carrots and red radicchio. Finally bring to the table sauerkraut, ribs, pumpkin, topinambour, turnip, cabbage and artichokes, to get your fill of well-being and taste.

The February diet does not even lack fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, perfect for improving mood and raising the immune system. Taste kiwi, tangerines, oranges, lemons and grapefruit, to face the day with the right sprint and without suffering hunger. Excellent also apples and pears, to be accompanied with dried fruit, the ideal snack for those on a diet.

Finally in February rediscover the pleasure of eating lean protein, preparing the fish at least twice a week. Sole, mackerel, cod and sardine are the fish that can be tasted in this season of the year and that guarantee few calories, but a lot of taste.

So how does the February diet work? At breakfast, opt for a seasonal fruit and vegetable smoothie, followed by a plain yogurt. At lunch, enjoy wholemeal pasta with spinach and broccoli, while at dinner you can treat yourself to a baked sole with oranges.

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