Federica Nargi unleashed on Instagram: the bikini ballet on the boat


Federica Nargi increasingly sensual: on social media she never ceases to amaze with her stacchetti and her screaming body

"Want to dance a reggae on the beach, want to have you back here in my arms", now these are the notes hummed for the coasts, so much so that not even celebrities can resist the catchphrase. One of them is the beautiful Federica Nargi.

The showgirl is very popular on Instagram and once again she hasn't lost an opportunity to share with her admirers how much fun she is having on vacation, posting videos where she goes wild with friends on a boat, performing – like this – in a real group dance with the song Karaoke by Alessandra Amoroso, hit of the Italian summer 2020.

But the attention is captured by Federica's breathtaking physique, which is accentuated by a simple blue bikini that wraps her curves: the thirty-year-old continues to demonstrate an unrivaled Mediterranean beauty, despite the two fairly recent pregnancies. In fact, the former tissue became the mother of Sofia and Beatrice in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

As can be seen from her continuous social updates, the former tissue is spending her holidays in Formentera, Spain, with her sister Claudia Nargi, many friends and her husband Alessandro Matri.

In short, lots of fun. And there was no lack of space for love: among the photos in bikini and those of the fantastic landscapes, there were also romantic shots at sunset with Alessandro, Federica's partner for 11 years.

With all these good moments, Federica's new social content was not long in coming: on the other hand, the showgirl has made virtual platforms her workhorse, even on a working level as an influencer.

In this regard, only a few months ago the showgirl landed on TikTok, a social network loved by the very young, and it didn't take long before Federica went viral: the former tissue never lost her passion for stacchetti, so last year May posted a video on her account that sees her dance tripled in three, to the tune of Britney Spears' Baby one more time.

The performance garnered more than a million views, but again it was her incredible sensuality that stole the show, which for Nargi even shows up with a simple tank top and a pair of shorts.

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