Federica Panicucci beautiful in a bikini at 51: the secret of her diet

Federica Panicucci beautiful in a bikini at 51: the secret of her diet

At 51, Federica Panicucci shows off a perfect body in a bikini: the secret of her diet

Beautiful and always in shape, Federica Panicucci sports a bikini that is breathtaking at the sea. At 51, the presenter is really beautiful and on Instagram she attracts Like and enthusiastic comments from fans.

But what is his secret? The presenter from Mattino Cinque follows a strict diet that has been revealed on the pages of the Corriere della Sera. Mum of Sofia and Mattia, born from the wedding with deejay Mario Fargetta, Panicucci is enjoying the holidays, between Bali and the Maldives.

Together with her Marco Bacini, the man who gave her the smile after the divorce and with whom she also became an entrepreneur. In the shots posted on Instagram, Federica appears in perfect shape, sporting a stunning bikini at 51 and after two pregnancies. Thanks to a lot of sport and a particular weight loss regime.

"First of all it is due to nature: I was born thin and long-limbed – the presenter confessed -. Then, you must keep the heritage. You need to love yourself and serve healthy food, discipline and sport ". The 51-year-old revealed not to go to the gym, but to play sports at home, a good habit she had lost when her children were born.

"I do a quarter of an hour a day of training at home – he said -. No gym, I don't have the time. Before dinner, while the boys do their homework, I do sit-ups, arms, legs, buttocks. I started again a few years ago: when the children were born one after the other, I stopped, I didn't have the strength ".

The most important aspect however remains the diet. Federica Panicucci has revealed to be very strict in following her and to grant herself very few extravagances. "At 51, you have to stay away from all that, if you persistently eat, you see – he explained -: fried, alcohol, cold cuts … I allow myself exceptions, but eating healthy helps me to keep myself alive, even for the direct waiting for me every morning ". The only waiver that weighs on them? Pizza. "I would eat tons of pizza – he admitted -. I will limit myself ".

Federica Panicucci in a bikini – Source: Instagram

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