Federica Panicucci gorgeous in bikini on Instagram and her daughter is identical to her

Federica Panicucci, perfect bikini at 52 years old: costume test passed with honors. While her daughter Sofia is increasingly similar to her

Federica Panicucci on vacation: top physique at 52 years old

Federica Panicucci, 52 years old on October 27th, showed herself on Instagram with an amazing bikini.

The presenter passed the costume test with flying colors. Every year he seduces followers with his perfect physique. Federica is enjoying a few days of vacation in Forte dei Marmi and has taken the opportunity to delight fans with selfies in bikinis.

Several times the conductor of Mattino Cinque said she did not follow a particular diet, but that she was simply "born thin, that is, she was lucky enough to have an accelerated metabolism that allows her to easily burn calories. To tell the truth, Panicucci by its own admission, follows a healthy diet: “I eliminated fried foods, sweets and alcohol, but every now and then I treat myself to a pizza. If the needle of the scale moves, I reduce the portions ". And the result is excellent. Panicucci sports a flat stomach, sculpted abs and perfect legs. The 20 year olds die of envy in comparison.

Federica's followers comment on the same opinion:

Federica you are extraordinarily splendid! The beautiful twentysomethings of now just hurry home, I mean seriously! complimentissimi

In fact, the well-deserved compliments are not wasted:

Gorgeous beautiful elegant charming top class stunning physique

It's still:

What a class to sell

But to enchant Federica's audience is also her daughter Sofia Fargetta. Surprisingly, on the Instagram page of the presenter, a video of the girl appears while she performs acrobatics on the beach. Sofia is very good and athletic and with that long hair she is identical to her beautiful mother. The presenter also has another son, Mattia. Both were born from the marriage to Mario Fargetta, which ended in 2015.

For Federica Panicucci, therefore, it is a golden moment. Love with Marco Bacini is booming, the two have just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and before they had even been to New York. In September we will see her again at Mattino Cinque and her looks are trendy.

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