Federica Panicucci, Morning Five at risk: who could replace it

Federica Panicucci, Morning Five at risk: who could replace it

According to some rumors, Federica Panicucci may not return to Mattino Five anymore

Federica Panicucci: children, loves, looks, career

The conduct of Federica Panicucci in Mattino Cinque would be at risk. According to the latest rumors, the presenter could soon leave the show, replaced by another famous colleague: Adriana Volpe. The ex star of I Fatti Vostri is back from the success of Big Brother Vip where she was in all respects the moral winner.

Adriana left the reality show a few weeks before the final due to some personal problems, but the audience never stopped cheering her on. For this reason, it has been rumored for some time that Mediaset is looking for a new location for her. During an interview with Giulia Salemi, the showgirl confessed to dreaming of a broadcast that is aimed at everyone: “A bit like a house, the home of the Italians, where you can do interviews and stay up to date, but at the same time simple and laid-out entertainment, suitable for everyone ”.

La Volpe has not gone unbalanced, but in the corridors of Mediaset, for some time now, there has been talk of a version of Mattino Cinque for the weekend. Adriana should lead the show in tandem with Michele Cucuzza with whom a beautiful friendship was born at GF Vip. As is known, Federica Panicucci has led Mattino Cinque for many years, but for weeks she has been missing from the program.

The Biscione company has in fact decided to leave the presenter at home, despite the fact that the broadcast has not been suspended. It is currently being led by Francesco Vecchi, a journalist who is giving more space to information and current affairs, as requested by top management. The choice to leave Panicucci at home and the rumors about the Fox would have fueled new hypotheses on the future of Mattino Cinque.

According to rumors, the new daily edition of the program could pass into the hands of Adriana Volpe paired with Michele Cucuzza. A drastic change for Federica which is very tied to the transmission of Canale Cinque. It was 2009 when Panicucci was chosen to replace Barbara D’Urso at the helm of Mattino Cinque and since then, one edition after another, the presenter has always been reconfirmed. For now, in fact, it is only rumors and the showgirl herself has chosen not to comment.

On Instagram, Panicucci enjoys time with her loved ones, between pampering her children Sofia and Mattia, born from the marriage with Mario Fargetta, and the love of Marco Bacini, her boyfriend.

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