Federica Panicucci, Morning Five postponed: the reasons behind the decision

Federica Panicucci, Morning Five postponed: the reasons behind the decision

The Canale 5 program starts late to make room for Simona Branchetti's Morning News, which is enjoying great success in terms of ratings

Federica Panicucci turns 53: love for Marco Bacini, children and career

Federica Panicucci and her Mattino Cinque could start later than expected. The program he leads with Francesco Vecchi was scheduled for September 6 but, according to what Dagospia reports, it will not be broadcast before September 20 and all this to leave enough space for Simona Branchetti's Morning News, a bet won by the network for summer months running out.

The new date of the morning program of Mediaset's flagship should therefore already be set, with start scheduled for 20 September. The company's intentions would therefore also be to exploit the positive wake of the program, which has often exceeded the approval of Uno Mattina Estate, led by Barbara Capponi and Giammarco Sicurezza. Branchetti's in-depth program has often gone well over 15% share.

The information strip is part of the new corporate structure decided by Mediaset for the new season, in which various topical matrix programs will be included and concentrated in a few minutes, at most 40. This is also the fate of Barbara D 'Afternoon Five. Urso that returns, yes, but in a revised and corrected version as well as concentrated. The one done with Simona Branchetti is nothing more than an experiment by the network, which has decided to change course in favor of another type of infotainment.

For Federica Panicucci it would therefore be the first postponement of the broadcast of the program, which has been leading for 13 consecutive editions. Since 2016, he leads with Francesco Vecchi. The excellent response from the public also led to the reconfirmation of the couple returning to Canale5 after 4 highly successful seasons. In 2020, Mattino Cinque restarted on 7 September, albeit in a completely different version and with a drastic cut of the gossip, sacrificed to make room for the closest current issues related to the pandemic.

Waiting to be back on the air, Federica Panicucci is enjoying a long and well-deserved holiday with her boyfriend Marco Bacini. The two have already decided to get married but the wedding would have been postponed due to the health emergency. The wedding will be organized in Forte dei Marmi, the place of the host's heart, and will be celebrated in the presence of many relatives and friends. The ceremony was postponed precisely to allow for easier organization and to celebrate with a large party without limitations.

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