Federica Panicucci, the first details on the wedding in 2022 with Marco Bacini

Federica Panicucci, the first details on the wedding in 2022 with Marco Bacini

In 2022 Federica Panicucci will get married with her Marco and she already knows what her wedding will be like

Federica Panicucci will marry her partner Marco Bacini in 2022, even if the date has not yet been made known due to the possible unforeseen events of the Covid emergency. In the meantime, however, the presenter lets herself go to some details about her wedding that, surprisingly, will not be what some might expect.

The first details on the wedding with Marco Bacini

Federica Panicucci revealed to the weekly Chi some details about her wedding with Marco Bacini. Luxury and gorgeous clothes like some of the ones she wears on TV? Absolutely not, because from what the presenter has declared it will be exactly the opposite.

“I imagine it as a happy, joyful party, full of people who love us, happy for us. I am a traditionalist, I imagine a classic wedding ”, these are the words of Federica Panicucci on her future wedding that does not yet have a precise date, also due to the Covid emergency.

The love story with Marco Bacini

The story between the presenter Federica Panicucci and the Milanese entrepreneur Marco Bacini began in the now distant 2016. It was not love at first sight, as Panicucci herself has repeatedly told.

The two met on the occasion of the launch of the Let’s Bubble t-shirt brand, but since that moment, some time has passed in which Federica Panicucci claims to have learned to know the entrepreneur day after day and without haste.

The renewal with Mediaset

Among the news for the new year, in addition to the marriage with his current partner, there is certainly the renewal with his historic company on TV: Mediaset. “I have just renewed my contract, I am happy to stay in my family for 35 years,” said the host of Mattino 5.

A long-lived marriage, the one with Mediaset, so much so that Federica Panicucci is one of the most loved faces on TV, a face that Mediaset seems to be unable to do without. It is rumored that she could be entrusted again with the conduct of the program The Pupa and the Nerdy, but the presenter herself has declared that there is still nothing at stake, although she would not back down if the proposal were made to her.

The statements of Federica Panicucci on GF Vip

During the interview on the weekly Chi, Federica Panicucci also revealed some of her preferences on the protagonists of the latest edition of Big Brother Vip or, better still, those she promoted. It’s about Soleil Sorge, Miriana Trevisan, Katia Ricciarelli and Alex Belli, of whom she says: “Soleil struck me, but also the story of Miriana, the strength of Katia and even Alex Belli intrigues the audience a lot, who wonder if it’s true or is acting. And it’s nice to let the spectators decide: don’t ask me ”.

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