Federica Pellegrini and the crisis with Filippo Magnini: he tries to win her back

Federica Pellegrini and the crisis with Filippo Magnini: he tries to win her back

The two swimmers spent a weekend together engaged in the races and then they met at the company party, but their statements leave little hope

Federica Pellegrini: loves, looks and races

Federica Pellegrini was honored by the Golden Tapir for the love crisis with Filippo Magnini. As revealed by the magazine Chi, the love story between the two champions would have come to an end, even if those directly involved have never confirmed it openly.

Always the weekly directed by Signorini let it be known that during the weekend Magnini and Pellegrini were together in Riccione engaged in the absolute winter swimming championships where the champion won her one hundred and tenth medal. It was the first weekend they shared after their crisis started in October. Together they trained and made purchases for Christmas.

Filippo also tried to win back Faith with a tender gesture as a man in love, a caress on the head. But at the end of the races everyone returned to their home: she in Jesolo where she went out with her friends wearing a sexy dress, he in Pesaro from the family.

Before returning, Pellegrini commented on Magnini: “These are things that cannot be said. Some things are better solved between us. " Even to the microphones of Valerio Staffelli Federica was rather vague answering the question if her story was really over: "Who knows, maybe yes or maybe not".

To those who then pointed out to the swimmers who went together to the Aneneene year-end party, Federica immediately replied: "What has to do with it, we are part of the same company … We are teammates". And she confirmed that the Christmas holidays will be spent separately. Pellegrini in the family, while perhaps Magnini will go to the Maldives (like Belen). The latter then reiterated piqued that he did not want to comment on the statements of what now seems to be his ex-girlfriend.

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