Federica Pellegrini confirms the story with Matteo: the photo on Instagram

Federica Pellegrini conferma relazione con Matteo Giunta

The photo published on Instagram leaves no doubt: Federica Pellegrini makes a special dedication to her boyfriend Matteo Giunta

Federica Pellegrini: loves, looks and competitions

There seems to be no longer any doubt about the love story between Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta. On the morning of Christmas Eve, the swimmer posted a photo on Instagram, revealing a detail that did not go unnoticed by fans. The shot shows her smiling as she hugs her beloved dogs, naturally for the occasion posing in front of the Christmas tree decorated with balls, lights and even funny elves. But among the decorations, four hearts stand out on which as many names are embroidered: one of these is Matteo.

Even the caption accompanying the Instagram post would suggest a more than confirmed relationship between Federica Pellegrini and coach Giunta. "Good Eve everyoneiii … my mom has been cooking since 6 this morning yyy … stop it yaaaaa … maybe she doesn't remember that there will be only 4 of us tonight", jokes the beautiful swimmer while revealing that for this day of celebration there will be just four at the table . If the names hanging from the tree are not random, Federica will spend this joyful evening together with her inseparable French Bulldog Vanessa and Rocky, who are now real stars on the champion's social networks, and the handsome Matteo. Naturally enjoying the delicacies prepared by mother Cinzia.

Federica Pellegrini has always been very reserved about her relationship with Matteo Giunta. For years now the rumors have been chasing each other but without finding many confirmations. The report published by the weekly magazine Chi in October caused a sensation in which for the first time the two athletes were immortalized by the paparazzi hand in hand, at a romantic dinner. Very little, if we consider that apparently the love story would have started three years ago, between one tub and another. A wonderful couple, to say the least, linked not only by understanding and feelings but also by a passion for swimming.

Some time ago Pellegrini had not revealed any details about the relationship with Giunta even during an interview on Repubblica, in which she had limited herself to talking about love and the desire to find her soul mate. With this latest Christmas post on Instagram, however, the Venetian champion wanted to send a "coded" message to her fans. And probably that splendid smile owes it to the great love with his beautiful Matteo.

Federica Pellegrini Christmas Instagram

Federica Pellegrini

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