Federica Pellegrini, the marriage with Matteo Giunta postponed (with a jab at Magnini)

La Divina decided to postpone the wedding for a very specific reason: Federica Pellegrini’s words left no room for doubt

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta have decided to postpone the wedding. To reveal it, it is the direct interested in the columns of Today, to whom she declares the reasons that led her to postpone the wedding she had dreamed of so much with her boyfriend.

Because Federica Pellegrini has postponed the wedding

The reason for this decision is very clear and is linked to the conditions of the health emergency, which still would not allow them to organize the party they want: “We have decided that it is better to postpone it to next year. My dream is to celebrate the wedding in spring and there are just not the conditions to do it, in 2022. You only get married once. And I would like it to happen in a more serene context, outside the tunnel of the epidemic ”.

The love between Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta was born by the pool, when he was still his coach. “Our love has lasted for three years”, he declared, while to the curiosities about Filippo Magnini – despite the long time that has passed – he replied, glissing off with what seemed more like a jab: “Filippo Magnini is a topic that is not worth talk”.

As he had already had the opportunity to tell at the time of the fateful proposal, the wedding will take place in the church and with the white dress. At their side, all the relatives and closest friends, those who have seen their love blossom in and out of the pool. For the children there seems to be still time but the Divine has clear ideas: “I would have no problem being a mother”.

His farewell to chlorinated water was reasoned and conscious, certainly not rash. Could he have done it before? Perhaps. However, he did so at the right time and competing in one last Olympics with all the honors he deserved.

A life out of the tub

With the return of Italia’s Got Talent on Sky, and the great news of Elio in the jury, Federica Pellegrini has officially started her television season after her debut in the cinema with the documentary Underwater. Now that the content is visible on Amazon Prime Video, the Divine is enjoying the success of the post withdrawal while still thinking about love.

Despite the great successes obtained in the pool, as no Italian had ever done, the Venetian athlete has always loved moving to other shores. The world of entertainment, like that of fashion, has attracted her on several fronts, even taking her to the stage of the Sanremo Festival several times. Aware of her skill (and her beauty), Federica Pellegrini went beyond herself and what was her comfort zone, even at the cost of attracting controversy and criticism.

She explained it very well herself, on the occasion of her run at Le Iene, alongside Nicola Savino: “I have never shied away from comparison, I know I have character, and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve always stood up for what I believe in. I exposed myself and I defended the people I love, paying the consequences. Its part of the game”. A game, which, in the long run, seems to have proved her right.

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