Federica Pellegrini, the meeting with Mattarella: now he is Grand Officer

Federica Pellegrini

President Mattarella received the champion Federica Pellegrini: she is now Grand Official of the Italian Republic

Federica Pellegrini, all the successes of the

Federica Pellegrini, all the successes of the “Divina”: medals and records

He recently said goodbye to swimming, our Divina. But for Federica Pellegrini the emotions are not over: the President Sergio Mattarella received it at the Quirinale for a prestigious recognition. Now he is Grand Official of the Italian Republic and he wanted to share the joy of this important moment with all his fans.

An important award for the swimming star

Being received by the President of the Italian Republic is a privilege reserved for a few. This year we had already seen the great emotion of Laura Pausini in the presence of Mattarella, as well as that of the dancer Roberto Bolle, both visiting the Quirinale as Italian excellences.

And the same emotion is perceived by the images and words shared on Instagram by Federica Pellegrini, who we still struggle to believe has left swimming. She who has achieved all possible goals and records, she who has worked hard, with strength and determination since she was a young girl, to become the undisputed star that the whole world recognizes.

“Wait, I’ll check if it’s true !! 🤪🤪 … Grand Officer of the Italian Republic. 🇮🇹 Thank you Mr. President … 🙏🏻 we will miss him very much” wrote Pellegrini on Instagram, taking the opportunity not only to thank Mattarella, but also deep emotion for the end of his mandate.

La Divina with a trendy suit

Federica Pellegrini has always stood out in the tub, but she has never been outdone when it comes to the choice of her looks. And even for such an important occasion as the meeting with President Mattarella did not disappoint our expectations, wearing the trouser suit, this season’s must-have that we have already seen shining on some red carpets (the white one by Miriam Leone is unforgettable for the presentation of the film Diabolik).

As shown in the photos shared on Instagram, the Divina chose a suit with sober and elegant lines, in a beautiful powder pink color that is well suited to institutional meetings. Simple but super chic, with the masculine one-button jacket and classic trousers, paired with a white blouse with a mandarin collar. To complete it all, the short bob with asymmetrical bangs and the trendy manicure with dark nail polish.

Federica and the projects with Matteo Giunta

It is a special period for the splendid Federica Pellegrini, who has decided to take back her life after so many tiring and intense years. He wanted to face the last big adventure at the Tokyo Olympics, but now it’s time to think about the future with his love, Matteo Giunta.

Between the two there is a beautiful relationship that will soon taste like orange blossom. Matteo, in fact, asked her to marry him and the former athlete is in seventh heaven, dreaming of the white dress. Marriage, but also the project of building a family together: Federica is finally ready to become a mother. And we wish her all the best in the world.

Federica Pellegrini with President Mattarella

Federica Pellegrini shares the exciting meeting with President Mattarella on Instagram

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