Fedez and Greta Menchi: gossip and gossip

Fedez and Greta Menchi: gossip and gossip

The affair between Fedez and Youtuber Greta Menchi continues. Between smiling selfies and work contracts, gossip goes crazy

Fedez doesn't like to go unnoticed this summer: after buying his very expensive penthouse, love with the Australian DJ with Tiffany Tigerlily hair, the jokes on social networks with Belen Rodriguez and the alleged flirtation with Emma Marrone the last gossip sees him very close to the vlogger and youtuber Greta Menchi.

It is not yet known what the relationship between them is, whether love, friendship or pure work: Greta Menchi has in fact just officially entered the "tour" of Fedez and J.Ax relying on their production house, Newtopia. The gossip started thanks to the series of photos, posted on the respective social networks: the vlogger and the rapper are always together, always smiling and playful, surely they are not unpleasant. She with pink hair, he full of tattoos, there are many "offending" photographs that see them on the terrace of the new luxurious penthouse Libeskind in the Milanese district CityLife.

Greta Menchi is also very jealous of Fedez, her acid comment under the photograph of Belen Rodriguez, previously appreciated by the rapper, confirms it: "Be careful to stay in the sun, the plastic melts". The vlogger is only 20 years old but she is a full-fledged web influencer with more than a million fans on Instagram and a book that has become a bestseller, "My wrong book".

Who knows what will happen with this new musical collaboration, it is not the first time that Fedez takes "under his wing" a talent born on Youtube, as happened for Fabio Rovazzi and his summer hit "Let's go to command", today platinum with more than 36 million views. Who knows how a relationship of love or pure work will end between Fedez and Greta? We will certainly find out during the summer thanks to their selfies but for now we enjoy gossip.

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