Fedez, anomaly at a medical check-up: the outburst and reflection on life

Fedez, anomaly at a medical check-up: the outburst and reflection on life

Fedez reflects on the meaning of life on Instagram after discovering an anomaly during a medical check-up and displaces the followers

A long message in which he reflects on the meaning of life and on what really matters after discovering an anomaly at a medical check-up: Fedez gets naked on Instagram.

He does it – as he reveals himself – after reflecting on it for a long time, but with the conviction of being able to send an important message to many people who follow him. The rapper, married for almost a year with Chiara Ferragni and Leone's dad, said he was scared long after, following a routine medical check-up, he was found "an anomaly" that "could have heralded a bad bigger than those you have to live with unfortunately all your life (everything is under control) ".

An experience that prompted him to reflect on what really matters in his existence and on the way he was spending his time. "Slowly I started to face my days with a small mantra – explained the rapper -:" what would you do if this day was the last of your life? "From then on it was all in the making."

So he decided to put the work aside for a while and spend a whole month with the little Lion. “I realize – he wrote on Instagram addressing his followers – that our privileged condition, in the eyes of many, can overshadow practically any problem. Believe me when I tell you that money can never be the panacea for all your ills ".

The anomaly Fedez talks about and fear prompted him to ask himself many questions about the meaning of life and the answer was his family. "It sounds stupid, but I would like to convey that the real luxury in life is to be able to carve out a whole month to devote to your child – he explained -. Everything else can be beautiful, but not essential. I ran after my dreams, the success and the money and I would lie if I told you it wasn't good. But chasing Lello is another story! Look for something (or rather someone) – concluded Fedez – to chase that will make you really happy and it won't be a waste of time ".

Fedez – Source: Instagram

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