Fedez has a new girlfriend (and it's not Greta Menchi): That's who it is

Fedez has found a new girlfriend in Ibiza. Her name is Greta, but it is not about Menchi. Here's who it is!

The super holidays of Fedez continue, who in Ibiza would have met his new girlfriend. After the brief flirtation with Greta Menchi, another Greta seems to have stolen the rapper's heart. This is Greta Orsingher, a former reality TV contestant created by Pietro Valsecchi La Scimmia. Although she has been on television, little is known about her, except that she is blonde, a model and she is beautiful. The beautiful Greta would have stolen Fedez's heart, which he would have decided to take seriously with her.

Fedez recently closed the relationship with Giulia Valentino, with whom he lived a long love story. Shortly afterwards he had declared his passion for the Australian DJ TigerLily, but that love also seems to have ended. For some time Fedez had been spotted repeatedly with Greta Menchi. The youtuber, who joined the company created by the rapper and J Ax, had flown to Ibiza with Fedez, staying in his luxury villa on the island.

For some time, however, she seems to have disappeared and in her place appeared Greta Orsingher, long time friend of Fedez. In fact, the rapper had already posted a photo that portrayed him with the girl. On the occasion of mid-August on social media a shot had appeared in which Fedez was holding a woman in his shoulders and in a bikini, triggering gossip on a new flirtation. Now the news seems confirmed and it seems that the rapper is determined to start a serious story with the beautiful Greta. Will it really be like this?

For now Fedez is very busy in the search for new talents with J Ax, but above all with X Factor, who will see him return to TV as judge next to Alvaro Soler. The two judges are very different from each other and seem to have a good feeling, therefore sparks are expected, also because Arisa will be next to them.

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