Fedez, that sweet kiss with Chiara that shows their strength against the disease

Fedez will still be in hospital for some time, but Chiara Ferragni is always at his side, ready to give him all the love he needs.

He will still be in the hospital for some time, but Fedez will continue to count on the support of his wife Chiara Ferragni, who does not stop making him feel his closeness. Their couple is facing a very tough test, that of the disease, but the Ferragnez do not lose heart.

Despite the fear and pain, they show all their strength on social media, the mirror of their life: Ferragni in fact never misses an opportunity to be with her husband, and make him feel all the love in the world.

Fedez, the kiss with Chiara and the strength of their love

In the face of the disease there are those who flee and there are those who remain. It is a difficult test to face, often accompanied by helplessness and the awareness of not being able to do anything for the person you love. Yet there is a way to show that, beyond suffering, there can be a happy space, even when facing more complex challenges than we think.

Chiara Ferragni knows it well: she is next to her husband in this complicated and difficult test, probably bigger than them, and which they have decided to share on social networks, an integral part of their life.

The rapper in fact discovered that he had a rare neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas, and for this he underwent a delicate operation, with which part of the organ and the tumor was removed. The operation went well, but Fedez will remain for some time at the San Raffaele under observation.

And so every day the two find themselves cuddling in a hospital bed, with Fedez still aching from the operation, but grateful for the love he knows he has around him. “Forever will be”, wrote the rapper in a story on Instagram while kissing his wife, with a sweetness that we cannot fail to recognize: that of being together despite everything, fighting knowing that there is the shield of love to protect us. always.

Fedez, the affection of children in pediatrics

While Fedez can count on the love of his family on the one hand, on the other, support is also coming from the hospital where he is currently being hospitalized. Also via Instagram, the rapper wanted to thank the little patients in the pediatrics ward who surprised him with a beautiful gift.

“We pediatric children are very close to you right now and we recognize the good you have done for us all! With love… Inhumane! ”, Reads the green billboard, where the reference to the singer’s latest album, entitled Inhumane, is clear. The tender message was accompanied by many colored hearts bearing the names of the children, who want to support the artist in this complex moment for him. A very sweet gesture, welcomed by the fans – and certainly by him too – with great emotion.

Now Fedez can’t wait to go home: in fact, he showed the video calls with his daughter Vittoria, who sent him kisses with her hand, accompanied by the words “I miss you very much”. The path he will have to face will be long, but according to the team he is following, the chances of recovery are promising.

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