Fedez, the message on Instagram: "My son has the right to express himself as he thinks"


In a long message shared on Instagram, Fedez addresses the delicate issue of homophobia and freedom of expression

Fedez, who in these days is experiencing one of the most beautiful moments of his life, has decided to put aside for a moment the great joy of finally having little Vittoria in his arms to touch on a subject as delicate as it is important. And so on social media he published a video regarding the law against homotransphobia.

We are talking about the Zan bill, a bill that – as Fedez explained in his Instagram stories – aims to regulate some measures to prevent and combat discrimination and violence for reasons based on sex, sexual orientation, identity of gender and disability. “Basically, it gives more rights to those who don't have any” – these are the words of the rapper. It is certainly not new that Senator Simone Pillon, one of the main opponents of the Zan bill, has continued for some time to spend his efforts in opposing the approval of this law.

And it is precisely to him that Fedez wanted to address in the video he shared online in these hours: "Today Senator Pillon amazes us with a new, hilarious statement saying that it is not a priority" – commented the artist, referring precisely to the bill against homotransphobia – “If we want to talk about priorities, then let's talk about priorities. I tell you something as a father. I have a 3-year-old son who plays with dolls, and that doesn't cause me any upset. And it would not be upset even if one day she felt the need to put on make-up, to put on lipstick, nail polish, a skirt. Because he has the right to express himself as he sees fit, my son ”.

Fedez himself, in the past, has shown that he wants to break down these barriers by exposing himself, even at the cost of criticism – on several occasions he showed off very well-kept hands on Instagram wearing nail polish (combined with that of his wife, Chiara Ferragni) . For his son, therefore, he does not want the possibility of doing the same, without this giving rise to discrimination of any kind. No upset if one day she puts on makeup or wears a skirt, but the fear that Leo may run into problems for his choice to be fully himself.

"The thing that would destabilize me a little is knowing that he lives in a state that does not protect his sacred right to express himself in full freedom, trying to stem the discriminatory and violent dynamics that very often occur in this country" – concluded Fedez. – “This is a priority for me”. And, after having launched his very important message, he returned to enjoy his Lion and the latest addition to the Ferragnez family, little Vittoria.

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