Ficarra and Picone clarify the farewell to Striscia: "The GF Vip doesn't matter"

Ficarra and Picone clarify the farewell to Striscia: "The GF Vip doesn't matter"

Ficarra and Picone clarify the farewell to "Striscia la Notizia" and on social media they explain: "The GF Vip has nothing to do with it"

Ficarra and Picone clarify the farewell to Striscia la Notizia, denying the existence of a controversy with the GF Vip. The comedians, after 15 years at the helm of Antonio Ricci's satirical news, have decided to leave the program. An announcement came as a surprise during an episode of the broadcast. "This will also be our last year in Striscia – they explained -. And we don't hide from you that after 15 years and 17 editions it is not easy. We thank this family who pampered and flattered us with their affection, making us feel part of themselves. So the direction, the studio, our makeup artists, the showgirls. But above all we thank Antonio Ricci who has always made us feel important and we will always be grateful to him for this. And we thank you viewers who put up with us ”.

There has been a lot of talk about the farewell of Picone and Ficarra in Striscia la Notizia with many hypotheses, including that to push the comedians to leave the program was an alleged controversy with the GF Vip. Some time ago, in fact, the actors had made some jokes on the reality show by Alfonso Signorini. Precisely for this reason, the choice to abandon the program had given rise to various hypotheses on friction with Mediaset. Gossip denied by comedians who have made the situation clear on Facebook, talking about the choice to leave the program.

"Our" farewell "to Striscia had a media impact that we did not expect – they said -. Many of you have filled us with affection and we thank you for this. However, we feel the need to tell you that a series of hypotheses are being put forward on social media and in many newspapers to explain the reason for our choice. Some say that we would have had to say about the Mediaset schedule, others that we are in open controversy with Big Brother, others that we are victims of phantom strong powers, etc. None of this – they added -. As we have repeatedly reiterated, we just want to reshuffle the cards. That's all. So let's not bother with other assumptions. What does the future have to offer? We have many dreams and we hope to realize them soon. We hug you with affection and see you around, Ficarra and Picone ”.

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