Fight the cold? Use the music

Fight the cold? Use the music

Scientific studies prove it: to support the immune system in winter, nothing is better than a good playlist

Other than Vitamin C. According to recent studies, music is the perfect ally to combat the cold and prevent seasonal ailments.

In particular, there would be two kinds of music that stimulate the immune system, reinforcing our body's natural defenses. According to investigations carried out in Germany by a team of researchers from Sussex University and the Max Planck Institute, jazz and dance music would be responsible for an important increase in antibodies in the human body.

In practice, the more pieces of music of these genres are listened to, the more effective our immune system is, which is essential for overcoming the long and cold winter. Dance music, in particular, would not only stimulate the production of antibodies, but would be able to rebalance hormone levels by decreasing the amount of cortisol produced in the blood when we are subjected to an important psycho-physical stress.

The study, conducted on a sample of 300 people divided into several control groups, was carried out in 2008, but only recently the results and conclusions reached by the scientists responsible for the research project were disseminated.

Participants were listened to for 50 minutes listening to cheerful, non-relaxing music, collected in a random selection of mixed songs with different rhythms and genres. In all those who had listened to dance music there was a significant decrease in cortisol levels. Cortisol, it is worth remembering, is also known as 'stress hormone', and is produced on a brain impulse in moments of greater psychic or muscular tension.

But that is not all. In addition to dance music, researchers have identified another genre of music that is equally effective for increasing immunoglobulin A values, namely Jazz. Also in this case, the values ​​recorded before and after listening have marked remarkable improvements,

More importantly, through the analysis of saliva samples taken from listeners before and after, important increases in immunoglobulin A levels were recorded, a fundamental parameter for the proper functioning of the immune system. A further confirmation of the incredible power that music can exert on the psycho-physical well-being of human beings.

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