Filippa Lagerback, the super romantic kiss with Bossari on Instagram is pure magic

Filippa Lagerback shared a beautiful shot on Instagram: the kiss with Daniele Bossari is pure magic

Stella Bossari, the daughter of Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerback becomes a model

Stella Bossari, the daughter of Daniele Bossari and Filippa Lagerback becomes a model

Are you abstinent from pampering and tenderness? Don’t worry, Filippa Lagerback took care of giving an injection of love to this gloomy day. The presenter shared on Instagram a shot to be framed, which portrays her alongside her beloved Daniele Bossari in a dream location. The love between the two is more solid than ever and, with each apparition alongside each other, they never miss an opportunity to shout out their happiness to the world, made up of simple but soulful gestures.

A super romantic kiss to frame

“Everything flows…”, writes the splendid Filippa Lagerback in the caption. Just like the waterfall that is the background to the beautiful portrait of a couple in the company of Daniele Bossari. A kiss that tastes of sweetness, in a super romantic moment that anyone can envy (let’s face it).

The couple took a short trip out of town to Ferrera di Varese, a small town located in the Lombard hills and not far from Switzerland. The waterfalls are the flagship of the entire area and create a fairytale landscape, one that remains etched in the eyes but above all in the heart. Filippa and Daniele could not have chosen a better place to immortalize their love.

The teddy coat we all should have

Fairytale location, yes. But, while the cold temperatures of January are felt, Filippa Lagerback teaches us how to face the winter with a touch of style, in line with current trends. As she had already shown in other shots on Instagram, the presenter does not give up on the teddy coat, the garment that we should all have.

Comfortable, very soft and perfect for giving life to casual yet chic outfits. A garment that can be combined in a thousand different ways, wearing it with dresses or jeans and a sweater. And then the biscuit color is perfect for any color palette, ideal for giving the whole look a sporty chic touch.

Filippa and Daniele, such a great love

Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari are one of the most loved (and long-lived) couples in the entertainment world. A love that is great and stronger than any adversity, just as we read in the best novels. The two met almost twenty years ago and have never left each other since, winning everyone’s hearts.

After the first meeting, the two had no more doubts. They knew they were soul mates linked by an invisible but shining thread, so much so that after just two years they enlarged the family, giving birth to their splendid daughter Stella. The wedding came later, in the summer of 2018, to seal a love as big as the beautiful smiles that appear on their faces every time they are together.

Filippa and Daniele are a rather reserved couple, yet in a moving interview with Che Tempo che Fa – show that she presents alongside Fabio Fazio – the Swedish-born presenter told of a dark and difficult period, of which they had all kept in mind. dark. Her husband has suffered from depression for years, a silent disease that has distanced him from loved ones, even prompting him to think the worst. On that occasion, the splendid Filippa expressed her regret for not having fully understood the situation, her sense of guilt for not having done enough.

But the power of love is unimaginable. Filippa and Daniele have overcome this great obstacle together and today they proudly show their immense happiness to the world.

Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari

Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari, the romantic kiss on Instagram

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