Filippo Nardi attacks Antonella Elia after the interview with Verissimo

Filippo Nardi attacca Antonella Elia dopo l’intervista a Verissimo

After the interview with "Verissimo" and the disqualification from "GF Vip", Filippo Nardi attacks Antonella Elia

Filippo Nardi attacks Antonella Elia after the interview with Verissimo. The DJ was disqualified by the GF Vip after some vulgar phrases about Maria Teresa Ruta. During the live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini communicated to the competitor the choice to disqualify him due to his behavior. Antonella Elia, commentator of the program, also commented on the decision, who explained to Verissimo: “I'm disgusted. It takes an unspeakable cultural and human baseness to say what he said. I find it disgusting to make such low-grade irony. What he spoke of is unspeakable ”.

Antonella's criticisms did not escape Nardi who replied on Instagram. The former competitor of GF Vip posted a screenshot of the show, writing: "How can this lady judge Filippo Nardi when he insulted Elisabetta Gregoraci on live TV, labeling her a bitch in heat? Two weights two measures ". The DJ refers to the phrases pronounced some time ago by Elia who commented live on the push and pull between Gregoraci and Pretelli in the Casa del GF Vip. Antonella's words had been condemned by Alfonso Signorini who later invited her to apologize to the showgirl.

Filippo Nardi does not seem to have digested the disqualification from GF Vip and even during the live broadcast he tried to justify the very serious sentences pronounced against Maria Teresa Ruta as "goliardia". "I publicly apologize for any sentence that offended public sensitivity – he wrote on Instagram shortly after exiting the red door -, my irony has always been borderline and I accept that I have exaggerated in some moments. Too bad, I was having a lot of fun. Merry Christmas to all ”.

In the meantime, a discussion has already broken out between Maria Teresa Ruta and Samantha De Grenet in the Casa del GF Vip. The showgirl in fact accused the presenter of never having expressed her annoyance at the words of Filippo Nardi, but of having done so only during the live broadcast. De Grenet said she was "stunned" by the competitor's attitude. "You were wrong, you should have told him, not here in the episode". Maria Teresa then replied: "I didn't go into detail, but I made him understand that I didn't like that behavior".

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