Finding Dory, exclusive clip for Tipsforwomens

The highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo arrives in Italian cinemas in September, starring the beloved Dory

Arriving in Italian theaters in September, it has already hit the box office in the States. We are talking about "Finding Dory", the highly anticipated Pixar sequel to "Finding Nemo", already a blockbuster at the time of its release.

This time the protagonist will be, in fact, the beloved Dory, who in the first film proved to be a fundamental character, which acts as a glue to the whole plot.

"I realized I was worried about Dory's future," says director Andrew Stanton about the most loved little blue fish ever. “The question of his memory leaks had remained unsolved. What would have happened to her if she got lost again? ”.

Also this time the theme of diversity, not necessarily considered a handicap, is focal. And also the ability to get by in life despite some small disadvantages.

Producer Lindsey Collins adds: “Dory looks very happy, but before meeting Marlin she didn't have a real home. After becoming her friend, Dory found something she had lost as a child: a family unit. "

The family is a fundamental theme in "Finding Dory". "The first time we meet her, Dory says she doesn't know where she came from," says Stanton. “But he definitely has a family. When asked what happened to his parents, the audience laughs. But in reality it is a bitter truth: I knew that behind it was hidden a story worthy of being told. "

And the director did it very well. If you want to see an anticipation of the film, watch the clip exclusively for Tipsforwomens. For the rest, go to theaters starting from September 15th.

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