Finished depilatory cream? Here are what products you can replace it with

crema depilatoria prodotti sostituti

Have you finished your depilatory cream and don’t know what to use for shaving? Here are some good alternatives.

Who among us hasn’t ever found ourselves in the middle of shaving and not having enough hair removal cream to get the job done?

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Sure, you might finish another day, but let’s face it, it’s not the best, especially when you thought you were getting a certain result.

Replacement products for depilatory cream

Rather than resorting to an uneven shave or, worse, a dry shave, they are there some alternatives which you can use instead of hair removal cream.

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While they are not permanent substitutes, they are perfect for achieving the desired result. For this reason, we list a series of products that you can use instead of the depilatory cream, if necessary.

Aloe vera

Since summer has just begun, chances are you have aloe vera at your disposal. In addition to using it to soothe sunburn, you can spread it on the skin before shaving. His thick and jelly-like consistency it will give the skin a smooth surface that will allow the razor blade to move smoothly.


One of the most popular hair removal cream substitutes is conditioner, and for good reason. Indeed, it is a dense product, formulated with soothing and moisturizing ingredientswhich make it an easy substitute for depilatory in case of need.

Body lotion

It is very important to moisturize the skin immediately after getting out of the shower, but in this case the body lotion can be a great temporary replacement some depilatory cream. His thick and creamy formula it will help you get a perfect shave without damaging your skin, leaving your legs soft and smooth. You can also opt for a body lotion to apply in the shower, which will leave your skin hydrated before you even finish the shower.

Shower gel as a substitute for depilatory cream

Even the bubble bath, as you may have already imagined, can be a valid alternative. As with the other options, this product is capable of creating a smooth and flowing base to be able to shave easily.

Body oil

If you have it, you can also use body oil. It is light weight and has multiple benefits that can nourish the skin and keep it hydrated. Better if based on ingredients such as fruit and flower extracts, which help improve the shine of the skin after shaving.

Shea butter

You probably already know shea butter for its moisturizing abilities, in fact, used to combat dry skin. On its own, this product can be used as a temporary hair removal cream.

Coconut oil as a depilatory cream

You may have heard of the benefits of coconut oil for the skin, but you’ve probably never thought about using it this way. Like shea butter, coconut oil can also be used in an emergency. It is super moisturizing and helps protect the skin. Remember to rinse your razor often to avoid buildup.

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