Finished holidays? Here are the beauty tips against "re-entry syndrome"

Finished holidays? Here are the beauty tips against "re-entry syndrome"

Are the holidays over and the reentry syndrome kicks you off? Here are the beauty tips to reconcile yourself to everyday life in the most relaxing way possible

Once back from vacation, here comes the classic sense of anxiety and loss of the re-entry syndrome. To avoid melancholy and stress, here are some beauty tips to resume the natural daily life of your life in the most relaxing way possible.

First of all, when we talk about “post vacation blues” we mean that state of mind and body that presents symptoms such as stress, irritability, headache, excessive tiredness and difficulty concentrating on work or daily commissions. Nothing strange in reality: the return to everyday life after the holidays, especially if you have spent unforgettable moments in distant countries, is completely normal, but it is necessary to keep the situation under control to avoid prolonged stress. What can help us women to reconcile us with our rhythms? A well-built arsenal of beauty tips, which combine the use of body beauty products with a healthy mind relaxation routine.

Let's start with a very intimate moment: instead of a shower, treat yourself to a relaxing bath in the tub, using a moisturizing bubble bath with almond or coconut, very sweet fragrances that recall exotic places. The scents, as known, give relief and well-being to body and mind, so pouring a few drops of bergamot essential oil can be a real cure. Close your eyes, immerse yourself in the foam and breathe slowly, trying not to think about anything. On the face, to relieve the skin, a regenerating honey mask will be perfect.

If done before bed, the relaxing bath is perfect, also because one of the main symptoms of the re-entry syndrome is insomnia, but here is another secret: you can aromatize the pillow and your bedroom with a perfume based on lavender, which will help you sleep in the early days after the end of the holidays with a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Just like what you smelled on hotel linen.

Finally, upon returning from vacation you can experience rather annoying physical ailments, such as back pain, widespread muscle aches and cramps: in this case, in addition to a correct and healthy diet that cannot do without fruit and vegetables, you can help yourself with magnesium and potassium supplements, to rebalance the metabolism and provide the right energy to the body and, therefore, also to the mind.

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