Fiorella Mannoia, the detail on the wedding with Carlo Di Francesco

Fiorella Mannoia, the detail on the wedding with Carlo Di Francesco

Fiorella Mannoia, always extremely reserved about her private life, added some more details about her wedding with Carlo Di Francesco

Fiorella Mannoia, between career, private life and curiosity

Rock soul, inimitable voice, sensuality and class to sell. At the age of 67 Fiorella Mannoia is one of the singers who most represents Italian music in the world and who is most appreciated by the public, to whom she always wanted to show only her talent, leaving aside gossip. Despite his great confidentiality, however, his loyal fans and gossip enthusiasts are curious and always want to know more about his private life.

This time it was she who let herself go and told herself to Corriere della Sera to provide some more details. Strong woman, outspoken, direct, always ready to say her opinion and fight for her ideals, what Fiorella immediately wanted to highlight was her personality, her determination and her work.

But, as you well know, the focus is not only on his, albeit highly appreciated, work. Last February she married Carlo Di Francesco, a music producer 26 years younger than her, in an extremely intimate ceremony with a rock style, with very few guests and not only due to the health emergency. In fact, Fiorella arrived at the altar wearing a white suit, vest with black buttons and silver sneakers.

After many years of relationship, probably few expected the wedding. Instead, they arrived by surprise, in the presence of about eight people, far from the prying eye of onlookers and paparazzi. The news was, in fact, made known through a post on Instagram only after the wedding had been celebrated. In the interview, albeit without going too far, he added some more details:

After 15 years – said Mannoia – we said to ourselves: “why not?”. We did it during the Covid period also to prevent anyone from being offended by the failure to invite: there were 8-10 of us, no paparazzi. At "you want to take" we ran away from laughing.

In reality, he later stated, the wedding did not change anything in his relationship with Francesco De Carlo: plus there is only faith. Fiorella and Carlo, who skilfully avoid paparazzi and onlookers, will they return to talk about the ceremony that made them husband and wife forever?

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