Fiorella Pierobon talks about herself as an artist. And he regrets nothing about TV

Fiorella Pierobon talks about herself as an artist. And he regrets nothing about TV

Interview with Fiorella Pierobon, from TV announcer to established artist who creates by putting her hands in color. And he loves the ciccolato cake

Fiorella Pierobon, announcer and face symbol of Canale 5 from 1984 to 2003, today is an established artist. He has his own atelier in Nice, exhibiting his works in exhibitions and galleries in Italy and around the world. And now it is involved in the Atelier Casa Vicina initiative (29 October – 3 November).

In Turin the starred restaurant hosts a selection of works by Pierobon, whose paintings in the Raw Materials collection have characterized the room for several years, and the ceramic creations by Carla Cecere. The project intends to underline through intense colors and sinuous forms the close link between "art and cuisine". The initiative in fact starts from the concept that the culinary experience is complete only if there is a perfect union between the ideation of the dish and the context in which it is served.

We asked Fiorella Pierobon to tell us about this experience and how her life changed after television.

You are involved in the Atelier Casa Vicina project where art meets taste: what link did you find between your artistic creation and food?
At Casa Vicina they have always been sensitive to the world of art, especially contemporary art. The meeting with the Vicina family took place some time ago and since 2014 my works have been exhibited in the restaurant. For this project, the theme is about food. It is a work of contamination carried out starting from the inputs coming from the brain and triggering creation on the canvas. We studied which of my lines and colors were more similar to their dishes and we found this similarity in desserts, especially in the chocolate one that I adore.

Some of the works you exhibit are related to the world of walkers you are particularly attached to, can you explain us?
These are some sculptures that represent male and female figures, made of different materials such as plexiglass and anodized aluminum, laser cut. 80% of the work dedicated to the journey takes place through Radio Francigena, a web station, where we deal with travel and medieval journeys. This interest stems from my passion for the Middle Ages. On the way I dedicated a personal exhibition, Percorsi di Luce, where these 2 meter tall statues are displayed, accompanied by literary quotations taken for example by Dante, which describe the sculpture.

Does the path have more of a spiritual than a physical value for you?
Absolutely. The journey is a representation of a personal adventure, for me it is a challenge.

What inspires you when you make your works? Do you have a reference artist?
The things I meet inspire me. My work stems from the need to get my hands on what I do. My work, even when I paint, is like a sculpture, in the sense that I enter with my hands into color, or my works are pressures on color. When I was on television, my need to paint, to get into work with my hands, was suffocated.
A favorite artist? I would say Van Gogh, I love his energy, his vibrations. And then it's very material. But my style is very different.

Do you regret something on TV?
I've been working on television since I was 16 until I was 45. Now I don't care anymore. I don't even watch generalist TV, I prefer thematic channels. Netflix and Sky are the smartest solutions for me.

What is your relationship with social media?
In fact they are not there. Radio programs are shared on social media, but the pages are not managed by me. Let's say that I don't like everything that is technological.

Plans for the future?
Continue to exhibit in the galleries. And with the neighbors, I have plans for their new venue, but I'll tell you later …

From the left Fiorella Pierobon, Claudio Vicina, Carla Cecere – Source: Press Office

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